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Your kitchen is a place to create lasting memories with your family, so invest your time, money, and energy wisely. With Fabuwood cabinets, you can transform the way your kitchen looks, works, and feels. Our classic kitchen layout is stylish and functional, with customization options to give any space a luxurious feel at an affordable cost nearby Columbus. We bring that charm and functionality to your doorstep with a range of customization alternatives.

With paramount quality, Fabuwood kitchen cabinets adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship, design, quality, and finish. If you are looking for solid wood construction without sacrificing quality, we bring that durability to you at an affordable price. We’re constantly expanding our product offerings and have a sharp eye for presenting what is perfect for any customer’s style. Our cabinet range will surprise you with its premium quality, pricing, and application. Check out the customer reviews and fabuwood cabinet price list on our website. You can also find a design catalog to choose your favorite.

The galaxy horizon cabinets from the Fabuwood Allure layout unite a striking divergence from conventional kitchen plan wood cabinets, giving it a delicate look in their soft, light shading.
The FUSION BLANC line is distinguished by its wide rail moldings and exemplary profiling. This style gives your kitchen a touch of conventional quality with a thrilling twist.
The galaxy Cobblestone makes an incredible impression with its sleek look and advanced style. This range of Fabuwood cabinets comes in smooth finishes and a moderate outlook.
A fabuwood kitchen cabinets style with customary stacked entries and a 5-piece cabinet front. The Discovery cabinets are an ideal decision for multi-unit businesses with their agile and crafty structure.
With the clean and defined cut-edge technique, Galaxy Frost fabuwood cabinets are a treat to have in your home and offices.
Fabuwood kitchens cabinets smooth finishes, the Galaxy frost makes an incredible connection making clean cutting-edge energy

Fabuwood Comes In A Variety Of Colors

When it comes to choosing the colors and finishes for your kitchen cabinets, you have so many options available for Fabuwood cabinetry. You can choose classic white cabinets with a glossy finish, or you can opt for a bolder look with a deep blue color and a matte finish. For a modern look, you could choose a light gray color with a glossy finish, or a dark gray with a brushed matte finish.

You can also play with contrast by choosing two different colors for your cabinets, like a light gray and a navy blue. You can even mix and match different finishes within the same cabinet, such as a glossy top and a matte bottom. There are endless possibilities of style and design. So have fun with it and design the perfect look for your kitchen with Fabuwood cabinets in Columbus!

Adjustable Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets

Fabuwood kitchen cabinets provide all the possibilities for customization alternatives for your kitchen. You will find a better suit for your lifestyle from our latest cabinet collection. 

Any of our detailing can enhance the utility of your kitchen in the same way that it amplifies its appearance. In addition to the hierarchical drawing inlays, we offer numerous capacity customizations, for example, pull-out options that expand the usable space in your kitchen.

Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets Quality

Fabuwood kitchen cabinets are the popular choice for most homeowners as they have maintained its devotion to quality by investing in the Q12 standard. The Q12 scale has 12 unique rating grades that each product must meet to be considered high quality. Other quality standards are:

Be made of wood of valuable origin to guarantee the quality and resistance of your cabinets.

Procedures that make cabinets easy to maintain and look like new.

In addition, with fabuwood cabinet prices, there is a wide range of degrees of greatness that cabinets must achieve to compete for the Q12 seal of approval. We deal in Fabuwood cabinets that adhere to these guidelines, ensuring that each product is as solid and durable as they need to be.

Does Your Kitchen Need Heat?

Our collection of Fabuwood kitchen cabinets are durable enough to resist heat. For a considerable time, fabuwood dealers used recolored wood to make encounters. Sensational on one side, welcoming and safe on others. How about making another kitchen that is attractive, pleasant, warm, and responsive? If that’s your goal, then trust the people who have gone before you.

Fabuwood Cabinet Construction Fact:

The durable construction of kitchen cabinets make them reliable and to last longer. Fabuwood kitchen cabinets are characterized by their use of dovetail development, a cycle that includes hardboard side panels to seamlessly interlock with a strong wood face contour by comparing tail grooves. This highly versatile procedure makes the cabinets safe, robust, and durable.

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We Are The Best Fabuwood Dealers in Columbus:

Fabuwood kitchen cabinets are offering the best designs for your kitchen. Furthermore, the cost of fabuwood cabinets is also affordable. They can be stained to look like natural wood cabinets. You’ll love how easily our cabinets can be cleaned and maintained so that your cabinets will stay new-looking for years to come. Well, we are the best fabuwood dealers in Columbus; you have the option to buy our cabinets at fair prices in various colors and designs. You have to search fabuwood cabinets dealers near me on google if you live in the USA and you will get your favorite cabinets at wholesale price.

Why Fabuwood White Cabinets?

If you want to redesign your kitchen, you will find no better than the stylish collection of Fabuwood kitchen cabinets.  Fabuwood white cabinet assortments can fit any kitchen, from contemporary to conventional or big to small. Its advanced design, adjustable hinges, and Quality 12 standards truly outperform the rest of the home frame.  The Fabuwood kitchen cabinet prices are of high quality and affordable. Columbus Cabinet City is the best Fabuwood cabinets dealer in Columbus and nearby areas.  If you are looking for Fabuwood kitchen cabinets dealers, feel free to get in touch with us any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Fabuwood Cabinets?

Fabuwood always enhances the beauty of the kitchen. These cabinets are being manufactured from high-quality wood. If you want premium quality fabuwood cabinets you have to identify a reputable kitchen cabinets supplier. Sometimes it becomes hard for customers to choose a trustable platform either physical or online. So, the best place to buy fabuwood cabinets is Columbus Cabinets City.

Our Proudly Service Areas:

Lewis Centre, OH, Hilliard, OH, USA, Upper Arlington, OH, Powell, OH 43065, USA, Worthington, OH, USA, Bexley, OH 43209, USA & many more here.

Why Choose Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets?

Fabuwood cabinets are available in many different designs, colors, and sizes. Furthermore, it is a durable and reliable collection of cabinets at affordable prices. Because of this, many homeowners prefer to use it in a contemporary kitchen.

Now you can match these cabinets with countertops and flooring. The clean door profile of these cabinets inspires others. You can get the attention of others because of their enticing appearance. These cabinets can easily solve your storage problems in the kitchen.

Fabuwood Cabinets Price List?

Fabuwood cabinets’ price depends upon their certain price, designs, colors, and quality. Fabuwood’s distinctive cabinet collections may fit any kitchen from trendy to classic, whether huge or tiny. Their contemporary designs, customizable cabinets, and Standards of quality trump the others in house design. Because of Fabuwood’s quality, people believe it is more expensive. In contrast, fabuwood cabinet prices are bearable, and you can renovate your kitchen with our economical product. However, purchase fabuwood kitchen cabinets in the most popular colors that will amplify your kitchen layout and appearance.

Are Fabuwood Cabinetry Good For Every Kitchen?

Kitchens with Fabuwood cabinetry have a unique flair. These cabinets are amazing. You can fit them in any kitchen. No matter if the kitchen is small or big, these cabinets fit well. You can also use them regardless of kitchen type and style.

What is the Material Used in Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets?

Fabuwood kitchen cabinets are strong and sturdy. High-durability cabinets primarily consist of high-quality lumber. Pure wood is used for crafting designs.

Where Fabuwood Cabinets Are Made?

Fabuwood kitchen cabinets are imported from China. However, across the globe, there are many shops. Their headquarters mainly exist in New Jersey.

How to Clean Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinetry?
  • Use a microfiber cloth or another soft, lint-free cleaning rag to wipe cabinets down.
  • Make sure not to use an abrasive cleaner on the cabinets because it can damage its finish.
  • Avoid using any cleaners with lemon, vinegar, ammonia, or other strong chemicals that can be harmful to cabinets.
  • Remove sticky smudges by wiping them gently with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water. For dried food, olive oil will also work; make sure whatever substance you use has the consistency of cooking oil before touching your cabinets (olive oil will work well).
  • Cleaning your cabinets once every couple of weeks should be enough for daily household dust and dirt.

Additional Features Of Fabuwood Cabinetry:

All compressed wood development

  • Gathered in their state-of-the-art office in Newark, NJ by more than 600 specialists
  • 5-year restricted warranty
  • Solid wood fabuwood white cabinets
  • Soft-close dovetail drawers come standard
  • Excellent value
Fabuwood Cabinets

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