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Kitchen Island Cabinets

Achieve The Optimal Organization for Your Space

Organize Your Kitchen Effortlessly With Island Cabinets

Unleash your kitchen’s potential with Columbus Cabinets City, as we present the spectacular kitchen island cabinets elevate your space. Introducing a new era of kitchen transformation, these cabinets unlock a realm of unmatched organization and infuse an air of elegance into your cooking sanctuary. Discover the colors and styles that complement your countertop design and refine the ambiance of your entire kitchen. So, with the artistry of our bespoke kitchen island cabinets, you get to elevate both the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen.

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Bulent Erenay
Bulent Erenay
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We renovated our kitchen during the summer. The owners of Columbus Cabinet City were very helpful and friendly during the process. They have many options to choose from. We couldn't have asked more.
Ruth Sims
Ruth Sims
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My kitchen layout has a white layout, so I was in need to buy white kitchen cabinets. I visited many cabinet stores in Columbus, but some I found the high price, and someone was selling in low quality.
Jere Fields
Jere Fields
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The whole process from start to finish went without a hitch. They had a great selection of bathroom vanities at excellent prices. Workers were on time, very neat, and did excellent work.
Hasan Akkaya
Hasan Akkaya
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We renovated our kitchen and chose fabuwood. Great quality and service. I highly recommend the fabuwood. Columbus Cabinets City is providing it. It is a good place to start your kitchen renovation.
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Kitchen Island Cabinets in Columbus Ohio
white color Kitchen Island Cabinets in Columbus Ohio
dark color Kitchen Island Cabinets in Columbus Ohio
white raised panel Kitchen Island Cabinets in Columbus Ohio
Presenting our best works so far to draw inspiration from – here’s the Inspiration Gallery at a glance.
dark blue Kitchen Island Cabinets in Columbus Ohio
brown Kitchen Island Cabinets in Columbus Ohio
blue color Kitchen Island Cabinets in columbus Ohio
grey color Kitchen Island Cabinets in Columbus Ohio

Unrivaled Versatility, Captivating Design

Our kitchen island is a statement, more than just an addition to your space. Featuring the ability to seamlessly combine versatility with captivating designs, our collection of island cabinets elevates your kitchen’s visuals. Redefine your cooking experience and transform your kitchen cabinets with island into a hub of functionality and style. Experience the transformative power of our well-crafted shaker cabinet island.

Personalized Elegance, Crafted for You

With the unparalleled elegance of Columbus Cabinets City’s kitchen island with cabinets, customize the elegance tailored to you. Showcasing your personal expression, our island cabinets let you embrace functionality with elegance. Our experts ensure a harmonious integration into your kitchen design. Plus, achieve a striking contrast and timeless elegance with a combination of white cabinets black island. So, visit our cabinets store and discover the luxury of tailored cabinetry specifically crafted for you. 

Optimize Your Space with Minimal Fuss

Space organization is crucial in the realm of culinary creations. Meticulously crafted to enhance your storage efficiency, our kitchen island cabinets let you experience the joy of a clutter-free kitchen. With integrated shelves, drawers, and thoughtful compartments, our island cabinets ensure effortless organization and efficient meal preparation. With this, place your microwave in island cabinet for convenience. So, discover the functionalities of our collection and elevate your cooking experience. 

Efficiency Redefined: A Fusion of Form and Functionality

Presenting a harmonious fusion of form and functionality, our kitchen island cabinets bring extra luxury. Amplify your storage capacity with exclusive ambiance, and elevate your cooking environment that is both practical and visually stunning. Elevate your kitchen’s allure and explore the perfect blend of form and function in our kitchen island base cabinets.

Superior Craftsmanship, Enduring Magnificence

Craftsmanship is the hallmark of Columbus Cabinets City. Each of our cabinets for an island is a testament to meticulous design and skilled artistry. Our expert artisans tailor the island cabinets to your needs and preferences such as kitchen island with cabinets on both sides. When seamlessly blended, these cabinets elevate your kitchen’s aesthetics without compromising on functionality. 

Redefine your kitchen experience and embrace the transformational power of kitchen island base cabinets from Columbus Cabinets City. Contact us today and let’s make your culinary vision a reality!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically comes in a standard size of 24 inches. Catering to different designs, these cabinets also feature various widths such as 12, 15, 18, or 21 inches. 

The cost-effectiveness of buying and building a kitchen island varies. However, buying a pre-made island can often be more affordable and convenient.

The combination of white cabinets blue island would be a great choice for transforming your space. 

The most popular kitchen island size tends to be around 3 feet by 6 feet. However, the measurement of size can be adjusted according to the kitchen’s layout.

Having at least 36 inches of space around the island for comfortable movement and access is the rule of thumb for kitchen islands.

Yes, the Kitchen island can be made with base cabinets. This also helps in customization, storage, and functionality according to your needs. 

To create a kitchen island using base cabinets, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose the base cabinets 
  • Arrange the desired configuration.
  • Use screws to secure the cabinets together 
  • Add a countertop
  • Customize the island with paint, trim, and additional features if desired.