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Kitchen Countertop

Premium Countertop Design & Installation Services

Columbus Cabinets City fully believes that it is possible to combine design and function in the home, particularly in the two areas that are most crucial: the kitchen and bathroom. We make every attempt to provide quality kitchen countertops and meet the demands and expectations of our clients. 

In addition to wanting beauty in their life, homeowners also want to feel safe and at home. There is always the worry that when they start a renovation they might make an error and invest their time, comfort, and money in something that wasn’t worth it, for instance, if they failed to get a sturdy or reliable stone countertop, their investment might go down the drain. Columbus Cabinets City is here to dispel that anxiety.

We strive to find solutions for any challenging space and design issues, particularly relevant to the quality stone counter tops. To assure perfection, we collaborate closely with homeowners, architects, builders, and contractors. By doing this, we can ensure that customers have a stress-free experience and a kitchen countertop project that they are happy and satisfied with.

We Offer Natural Stone Countertops

We are a full-service firm that fabricates and installs granite and quartz kitchen countertops in Columbus Ohio. Our expertise spans a wide range of project types, from the simple installation of a slab to the complete renovation of kitchen islands & countertops. Our natural stone countertop services are based on granite and quartz; granite features the utmost sturdiness while quartz offers an ultra-modern outlook.


One of the most popular of the natural stones is granite which is a very beautiful and also durable stone.


Marble is hands-down the most attractive dimensions stone for the home.



It is the most popular type of engineered stone and it is extremely durable.


The Sturdy Granite Countertops

One of the most widely used natural stone tops for kitchen countertops is granite, which is also one of the most durable. For millions of years under intense pressure, it formed from magma beneath the crust of the Earth. Although the composition of granite kitchen countertop varies widely, quartz and feldspar are its primary elements. Granite was favored by ancient architects in Egypt and Greece because it is the most prevalent sort of rock on earth. The Mount Rushmore Memorial is one of many modern monuments constructed of granite. Discover these super sturdy granite kitchen countertops here at Columbus Cabinets City right away.

The Ultra-Modern Quartz Countertops

The engineered Quartz is manmade, yet offers superb durability almost at par with the natural granite stone. That’s primarily because the natural quartz crystals, one of the world’s hardest minerals with a Mohs hardness grade of 7, are present in these stone countertop cores. Quartz kitchen countertops at our store come in a wide range of patterns and colors and are offered under a number of commercial brands. The most commonly used quartz stone tops are the ones that resemble natural stones like granite and marble.

Where Can I Buy Granite Quartz Countertops Near Me?

Well, we understand “granite and quartz countertops near me” is a genuine query that bothers you because you need quality, strength, style, and affordability alike with your selection of natural stone countertops. Discover all that here at Columbus Cabinets City, as we offer the best selection of stone counter tops in your vicinity. Our authentic slab countertop collection comes at the best price in Columbus, OH, with the manufacturer’s guarantee to maintain the quality of each slab countertop piece.

Which Stone Countertop Types are Available at Columbus Cabinets City?

We have a range of kitchen countertops in different types. From Granite slab countertop to Quartz stone counter tops – we have them all for you right here. Each article in our selection is authentic and backed with the manufacturer’s warranty, let it be branded cabinets or the natural stone countertop. So, rest assured that the finest quality standards will be maintained with each product.

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Bulent Erenay
Bulent Erenay
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We renovated our kitchen during the summer. The owners of Columbus Cabinet City were very helpful and friendly during the process. They have many options to choose from. We couldn't have asked more.
Hasan Akkaya
Hasan Akkaya
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We renovated our kitchen and chose fabuwood. Great quality and service. I highly recommend the fabuwood. Columbus Cabinets City is providing it. It is a good place to start your kitchen renovation. 
Ruth Sims
Ruth Sims
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My kitchen layout has a white layout, so I was in need to buy white kitchen cabinets. I visited many cabinet stores in Columbus, but some I found the high price, and someone was selling in low quality. 
Jere Fields
Jere Fields
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The whole process from start to finish went without a hitch. They had a great selection of bathroom vanities at excellent prices. Workers were on time, very neat, and did excellent work.