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Ultimate guide to custom kitchen cabinets

 Custom kitchen cabinets are the undeniably growing trend in cabinetry world. Kitchen cabinets are the essential parts of any kitchen remodel. Kitchen transformation highly depends on the types and style. It also depends on the design and color of kitchen cabinets.

Renovation is not an easy step. You always expect the best out of everything. Kitchen remodeling is done in various ways. Consider some necessary steps for the dream kitchen. Undoubtedly one of the significant aspects that you can consider is remodeling.

Despite the fact, kitchen designers follow essential tips:

For example For custom kitchen cabinets in any kitchen, first of all, finalize the kitchen overlay. Look around. With an eagle eye define the space for refrigerators.

Place the storage containers in the appropriate space. Design a comprehensive kitchen layout. You can get the custom cabinets at Columbus cabinets city.

Given below are the few tips that you should consider for kitchen design

Note the areas that are not in use

For a proper kitchen, layout figures out the areas that are not helpful in any way. Mark the least efficient areas. For example 

  • Which cabinets are always cluttered?
  • Where the drawers are mostly disorganized?
  • What are the fundamental reasons behind this mess?

Why are these areas creating problems? Find out the answers. This information will aid you a lot in maximizing the kitchen efficiency.

Make a priority list for kitchen layout 

Kitchen designers always like to have easy options. Your kitchen remodeler will make a priority list. Please help them. Explain everything.  Tell them the priorities from top to bottom.

Professional consultation 

Are you merely interested in the Construction of the kitchen? The home builder will work for you. Homebuilders are only concerned with the nuts and bolts. Undoubtedly, Construction will not be done alone.

Try to manage a home designer for kitchen renovation. Hire Kitchen designers from well-known companies. They will help you. Designers will help you in a more appropriate kitchen design.

Questions asked by designer

If you are planning to have custom kitchen cabinets, approach designers first. Kitchen designers and well-known remodelers will first consult everything. How do you work in your kitchen? Custom  cabinets are very different from ordinary kitchen cabinets. You don’t have to place them.

Most of the kitchen remodelers will ask you the following questions.

  • What do you cook daily?
  • Oil consumption daily?
  • Where do you place heavy utensils of everyday use?

All of these questions are asked basically to enhance kitchen efficiency. Professional kitchen designers will always ask you these questions.

How you operate in the kitchen will help the designer to enhance the kitchen’s efficiency to its maximum. you can get the affordable custom cabinet at Columbus cabinets city.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Style and Design Guide

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Style and Design Guide

Kitchen cabinets are the main focal points in any kitchen. Regardless of the kitchen style, custom kitchen cabinets must be aesthetically beautiful besides enhancing the efficiency and increasing the functionality of kitchen custom kitchen cabinets.

Custom kitchen cabinets are both functional and practical. These cabinets are unique. Kitchen designers do not overlook kitchen design aesthetically.

For having perfect custom kitchen cabinets, both the design and style are essential. You can find out your dream cabinets design while browsing through the internet. Custom Kitchen cabinets and style ideas are available in the nearby shops. There are myriads and myriads of choices.

Given are few tips about how you can find out the right design for custom kitchen cabinets.

Consider a personal design approach

You can find the right style of kitchen cabinets by getting ideas from your daily life. Your personality and lifestyle will help you a lot. Color pallets can be decided based on colors that attract you the most.

Discuss the latest trend with kitchen designers. All your ideas will help the designer in making dream custom cabinets for you.

Browse through internet 

Pinterest and a few other sites will help you a lot in finding the best custom kitchen cabinets. Your dream kitchen will be a real kitchen. Pin your favourite boards, discuss with designers and check feasibility. By following the internet, you can easily avail your desired upshot.

Construction Of The Custom Cabinets

Construction Of The Custom Cabinets

The construction of custom kitchen cabinets is of significant importance. The quality of custom cabinets can be determined by following some tips and tricks. you can get the affordable custom kitchen cabinet at Columbus cabinets city.

Here are the few things that will help you a lot in determining

Custom kitchen cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets boxes 

The material used in the Construction of custom kitchen cabinets boxes is a good indicator for determining the quality. Most of the manufacturers use cheap material such as particleboards for the box construction for saving cost.

Wood choices 

Custom kitchen cabinets made up of plywood are reliable. Plywood is smooth in touch and very easy to paint. Last but not least, one of the best options is to use hardwood from maple or oak for box construction.

Hardwood gives perfect finishes to custom cabinets. Cheap quality wood will produce deep green spots on the inside. Some homeowners who are on a limited budget don’t mind these spots.

Consequently, this is not the right choice for a longer time.

The thickness of the box material also determines the quality of custom kitchen cabinets. 5/8 inches thickness is considered the best consistency for cabinets.

Custom  cabinets Frames

The second thing after cabinet’s boxes that determines the quality is a custom kitchen cabinet frame face. The front side of kitchen cabinets is called a frame face.

 Face frames are made up of various styles and rails. Materials and Construction determine the quality of face frames. Lower quality custom cabinet’s boundaries are usually made from oak and ash.

 For high-quality kitchen cabinets, frame faces clear maple, cherry or hickory can be used. However, it depends on the homeowner’s choice. Go for the durable material.

Always contact trustworthy sources. Some of the costing cabinet makers make the cabinets more decorated and fancy. Extra embellishments will affect the durability of custom kitchen cabinets. You can get the custom cabinet at a discounted price in Columbus cabinets city.

Drawers of Custom kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinets drawers’ quality is also determined by the material used. Undoubtedly the drawer’s style and design mainly depend on the homeowners. One suggestion is to match the drawers with face frames. Select the material based on stain resistance.

Stain resistance 

Different woods have different abilities to hold stain. Hardwood is considered a great option for drawers. Maple wood would not soak in the colors deeply. Durable and beautiful kitchen cabinet drawers are made up of hardwood from domestic species.

The hardware of the Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Glide selection is significant while selecting the kitchen cabinet drawers. Custom cabinets Glides exist in two main types. Standard glides with hard closing and soft-close glides.

Types of glides 

Soft closing glides are the best options, and they get softly close very quickly. The soft-close feature increases the efficiency and quality of kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets glide also exist in two options.

Glides can be side mounted or the bottom-mounted. Side-mounted glides have fewer storage spaces than bottom-mounted glides. Full extension glides for custom kitchen cabinets are also available. 

Door Hinges  Of Custom  Cabinets 

While selecting the custom  cabinets, hinge selection is also essential. Two primary factors must be considered for hinge selection. You can select exposed hinges or European style hinges.

Concealed or exposed hinges are easy to clean and give an elegant guise.

However, if you want to add personality and decorative look, you can consider European style hinges. Hinges material must be regarded as for long term use. if you are looking for custom cabinets near me in Columbus visit the Columbus cabinets city Ohio.

Cleaning of custom kitchen cabinets 

Cleaning of custom kitchen cabinets 

Regardless of the cabinets, type cleaning is very important. Proper and frequent cabinets cleaning will enhance their life and beauty.

Given below are the few essential tips by which you can clean custom cabinets easily.

Cabinets cleaning equipment

Given below is the list of cleaning equipment 

  • Damp cloth,
  • A bowl.
  • Cleaning agent.
  • Cleaning solution.
  • Sponge and water.

Basic cleaning process 

Take a damp cloth. Dip it in the cleaning solution. Gently rub it on the cabinet door.

  • Use a baking soda solution for removing stains.
  • Use vinegar solution to remove grease.

Finally, Kitchen cleaning must be done frequently. Try to clean the cabinets daily or must be in a week. Proper cleaning of kitchen cabinets enhances beauty. The lifetime of kitchen cabinets also increases.  Additionally, you can also read the cleaning guide that comes with the cabinets.

Where can you get custom kitchen cabinets?

Last but not least if you live in mighty Columbus you can get the latest kitchen cabinets at discounted prices from Columbus cabinet’s city.

All the brands, J&k Cabinets, Forevermark kitchen cabinets, and fabuwood kitchen cabinets are available at Columbus cabinet’s city. Pay the earliest visit to Columbus cabinet’s town for the best kitchen cabinetry.

Frequently asked questions:

wood is one of the best choices for custom kitchen cabinets. wood from oaks, maple and hickory are  perfect for custom cabinets. However, cheap materials such as particleboards can also be used. 

Custom kitchen cabinets are very easy to clean. however, depending on the material you can clean kitchen cabinets more appropriately. DIY solutions that involve a few drops detergent with water will be a good choice.