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What Color Cabinets Go With Black Stainless Steel Appliances?

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your appliances are compatible with the cabinets in your kitchen. This is especially important if you consider black stainless steel appliances, as they can be quite striking when paired with suitable cabinets. This blog post will explore what color cabinets go with them. If you keep wondering whether black appliances with dark cabinets make an ideal combination or gray cabinets with stainless steel appliances seal perfection, we are here to help. We will also provide some tips on choosing the right cabinet color for your kitchen. So, if you are thinking of upgrading your devices shortly, keep reading.

Appliances made of black and stainless steel kitchen hardware are slowly replacing traditional steel appliances due to their superior resistance to fingerprints, smudges, and corrosion. These stainless steel appliances are a perfect match with light gray, oak royal blue Cabinets, white beige, and brown cabinets. There aren’t any rules against the use of pop-up colors that match but be careful not to overdo it with colors other than the colors of the cabinet you initially chose. In this blog post, we’ll also focus on what color cabinets go with black appliances, alongside some insights on how to clean stainless steel appliances, followed by Kitchen Ideas with black stainless steel appliances:

Why black stainless steel appliances?

Why black stainless steel appliances

What is it that makes black stainless steel? In addition to their reasonable prices, they also work with the latest kitchen designs. So why put off getting an item you can pay for without spending a fortune?

Additionally, black tends to be a way to disguise simple stainless. It has the effect of giving ovens, dishwashers, fridges, stoves, and other appliances a stunning look. So, this all makes the homeowners wonder whether the black stainless appliances with black cabinets make a perfect match.

In addition, the black shade works well with every indoor design without ruining the overall theme. For example, a dark hue induces an emotional reaction and causes the desire to associate it with well-balanced elements. So, black cabinets and stainless steel appliances do make a good match.

Aside from black cabinets with black appliances, there’s a versatile range of countertop and cabinet accents. Black stainless appliances in white kitchen are another great combo because of their versatility, timelessness, and classic appearance. The shade will go well with lighter shades and complement darker shades that give the eyes something to focus on. For instance, pair up black appliances with grey cabinets to get the ideal look for your kitchen.

The Best Kitchen Color Schemes with Black Appliances

What color do cabinets go well with black stainless appliances

As a homeowner, you might wonder should cabinet hardware match stainless steel appliances. A stylish kitchen design isn’t just timeless and features modern and trendy elements. The kitchens with black stainless steel appliances having distinctive features is always a plus. Many homeowners are turning to a unique feature of black appliances. Like regular stainless-steel appliances, their sole difference is that they’re black. Modern, sleek, and unique stainless steel appliances in black will look stunning in any kitchen.

How do you design your designs around cabinets? Since cabinets are the most significant (and the most expensive.) Element of any kitchen, it’s essential to get the correct set that matches your kitchen appliances, for instance, black appliances with grey cabinets make the perfect match. If you don’t, your kitchen may appear unconnected. Here are some of our top colors for great cabinets with stainless steel appliances in black.

  • Contrasts with white cabinets black appliances in kitchen:

White cabinets with black appliances look stunning in any cooking space. Simple, elegant, and timeless, they instantly update any room. Brass handles can make white cabinets appear vintage or antique, particularly those living in an older house. White cabinets mean that it is possible to incorporate a range of décor accessories for your kitchen that will not cause the room to appear unbalanced. The white kitchen black appliances create a sophisticated look in the modern and traditional kitchen layout.  Perfect for every season, black stainless steel appliances with white cabinets are simply the best choice. That is because stainless steel appliances with white cabinets make the kitchen appear brighter, and more spacious and this combination looks especially great in Autumn when it is raining.

  • Be bold and use yellow:

Up next on the list of what color kitchen cabinets go with black appliances is the yellow cabinet range. Even if you have an appliance made of stainless steel does not necessarily mean that your cabinets in yellow will transform your kitchen into the look of a beehive. A kitchen that has light shades of yellow “creamy” cabinets looks delightfully old-fashioned. If pastels aren’t your style and you prefer more vibrant mustard yellow can be an excellent choice. If you’re uneasy about the edgy style, think about adding yellow cabinets to your kitchen island. Use neutral colors, like white for the cabinets that line the walls of your kitchen. Kitchens with black stainless steel appliances are not only trendy at the moment but will go with any color combination whether it is a bold one, a neutral one, or a traditional one. So go with yellow cabinets or black appliances with white cabinets, it will look stunning either way!

  • Stainless Steel On White

Mixing stainless steel and white appliances is also a great look as it gives the kitchen a refined and clean look. Having a white microwave and stainless steel blender look great together because of their colors of silver and white. It is the perfect balance of neutral and bright.

  • White Kitchen And Stainless Steel Appliances

An all-white kitchen has always been a classic choice for homeowners. White cabinets, white tiles, white countertops, and white walls are the go-to combination for people that want brightness and a timeless kitchen aesthetic. But if you want to stand out, go for stainless appliances in white kitchen look. The silver from the appliances will balance out the blandness and brightness the white gives.

  • White Cabinets And Color Appliances

We have told you the many ways stainless steel appliances will great in your kitchen but what about color appliances with white cabinets? It is the perfect way to give your kitchen a pop of color. You can choose from red, orange,  blue, or other colors to give your white cabinets a great contrast.

  • Get monochromatic:

Now, this is something that can offer versatile kitchen color schemes with black appliances. Here’s how:

Who says you can’t have black-on-black-on-black in your kitchen? Well, if you can’t find kitchen colors that match stainless steel or you’re confused about should cabinet hardware match stainless steel appliances, let us tell you they should! In fact, we go one step further. If you’re worried it’ll make your home appear like something from the horror genre, we’re here to assure you that this isn’t the case in any way. Cabinets with black finishes, such as the ones we offer, like our nor wood deep onyx, will be a perfect match for your stainless steel black appliances in a distinctive manner. Add some color with a butcher block countertop or white subway tile. The bright white floors are an ideal option for breaking the darkness of cabinets and appliances in your home that is monochromatic. Make sure you keep the monochromatic flowing with black metal cabinet hardware for your cabinets – so yet another way to seal black appliances with black cabinets combination. Black cabinets with black appliances may not be the color combination you have in mind but it is perfect if you have a moody aesthetic and don’t like brightness.

  • Make it natural by using browns:

Mixing black and brown is no longer considered a faux not to do. Many homeowners are opting to mix the colors in various ways in their homes. For the kitchen, you might consider using a black appliance with medium brown natural cabinets, instead of making the same-to-same black cabinets with black appliances combination. We have woodline cabinets that are ideal for those who want to style their kitchen that way. It’s crucial to select an aesthetic for your kitchen that you like and, if you’re searching for cabinets that won’t become outdated and are natural, then a natural brown would be the perfect choice for your kitchen. Not only do black stainless steel appliances with brown cabinets give a woody, rustic feel but also is a perfect combo for anyone wanting an industrial aesthetic.

  • Mix your cabinets with your flooring:

If you choose to add stone creek flooring to the kitchen or maintain your existing floors, selecting cabinets that match the floor’s design creates seamless spaces. The matching elements of your design can keep your room looking new. If you don’t like making sure that everything is in perfect harmony it’s possible to choose to match colors and lay your flooring in a pattern that is distinct from your backsplash or the grain of the cabinets. For instance, the gray vinyl flooring could match up well with gray cabinets with black appliances. This can add to the distinctive look that kitchen appliances made of stainless steel give the kitchen. Kitchen with black appliances aren’t just a classy and elegant combination but they will impress your guests in no time with their functionality and practicality

  • Pick simple cabinets:

Sometimes, you simply want to let your stainless steel appliances stand out as the main attraction of your home. This means that installing simple but robust cabinets that have traditional hardware will enable you to make a kitchen that allows the appliances to steal the spotlight. For instance, your simple gray kitchen black appliances can do the magic in your kitchen. That’s because gray kitchen cabinets with stainless steel appliances make one of the most visually appealing combos. Place your kitchen island in a kitchen with black cutlery and dishes to reinforce your new admiration with black steel. Grey kitchen with stainless steel appliances paired with white tile flooring is a great look as it is perfect for people that like a moody aesthetic and prefer neutral colors. It balances the dark from the grey and the brightness from the white tiles.

The black appliances made from stainless steel are ideal for any kitchen. No matter if you’re building a house that’s brand new or renovating an old farmhouse that’s been in use for a century, installing stainless steel black appliances and cabinets that match makes your kitchen look stunning. I hope this answers your question about ‘what color cabinets go with black stainless steel appliances.’

What’s the difference between stainless steel and black stainless steel?

What's the difference between stainless steel and black stainless steel

When you’re dissecting the answer of what color cabinets with black appliances, it’s important to understand the difference between stainless steel and black stainless steel material. Appliances made of stainless steel are used for a long time. But with the latest advancements in technology, came the development of stainless black. Likewise, the answer to what color cabinets go with stainless steel appliances would be way more diverse since stainless steel is shiny, bright & can match up well with versatile colorways. They are awe-inspiring with their dark accented finish. These finishes can transform your entire house into one of the most loved spaces, be it the kitchen, dining room, or living room. But, if you can’t decide on either of them, mixing black stainless and stainless appliances is another great way to go. You get the shininess of stainless steel and the boldness of the black stainless steel

The main distinctions are:

  • Black stainless cabinets stand out due to their bold designs and precise information, in addition to their practicality, unlike stainless steel.
  • It’s incredibly easy to wash stainless steel and it is a perfect fit with any style, barely concealing dust particles. This could, however, be an issue with black stainless.
  • A black appliance is a coating of paint that is applied to previous stainless steel appliances. However, it has upgraded features that keep its anti-smudge and fingerprint characteristics. So, it means that you don’t need to keep removing fingerprints left by sticky hands on the appliances. Furthermore, a simple wipe over each surface will reveal a sparkling and smooth surface.

What are the best cabinetry materials?

What are the best cabinetry materials

Kitchen Cabinetry Materials: Most of the time, cabinet makers use top-quality materials during the construction process to overcome budget constraints and the requirement to construct robust and durable cabinets. Some of these materials comprise:

  • Wood cabinets:

These can be among the sought-after materials for the creation of cabinets. Because of their numerous possible finishes, wood products are getting more and more popular because they give a unique look to natural materials. So, wood, which is the most sought-after material, comes in other categories that differ by texture grain, color, and texture. These are:

  • Mahogany:

With rich brown tones and reddish shades, this is one of the top materials for cabinets. It’s extremely sturdy, which results in its cost being higher than other wood-based materials.

  • Pine:

This affordable material is an excellent choice for cabinets. The rustic, cool design and softness of pinewood make its huge popularity. So, the opposite is that pinewood is more susceptible to scratches and denting if you maintain it regularly you can significantly extend the life of your pinewood. It’s also characterized by its shades of yellowish, reddish, and whitish shades.

  • Maple:

It is especially well-known for its light and smooth surface, which makes it perfect for painting.

  • Cherry:

Its popularity increases due to its distinctive reddish-brown shade. But, it’s costlier than many other kinds of wood. But cherry is a great choice for wood as it will look great if you want dark cabinets black appliances look.

What should you look for in cabinets?

What should you look for in cabinets

In addition to what color cabinets go with black appliances, you also need to consider the type, style, and design of cabinets. Here are some tips to remember when you are choosing the cabinets for the appliance made from stainless black.

Types of cabinet doors:

They are the ones that have the most prominent fronts when compared with other components. They are classified into four kinds, which include:

  • Plank doors:

The majority of them are made of solid wood and often feature designs engraved on them.

  • Slab doors:

They consist of thin, flat pieces of plywood with veneers flanking them by two sides.

  • Frame and panel doors:

The cabinet doors have frames that surround the entire surface in a circular or rectangular form.

  • Frame only doors:

These frames have glass sides that are fitted onto the frames. So, there are no limitations on the weight of the frames or designs that are printed on the glass side.

  • Hinge:

Hinges’ quality varies depending on their price, appearance, design, and locking mechanism. There are a variety of common kinds of hinges. These include the concealed hinge, butt, lipped surface, and self-closing. They are also wrap-around and adjustable.

  • Cabinet sizes and prices:

Custom-designed to meet your needs or already made, cabinets come in a variety of sizes and prices can vary widely. Therefore when your budget is restricted in terms of cabinets to pick from there are many cabinets that you can pick from different designs and sizes.

Alongside the color of cabinets, additional decorated patterns and designs may also influence their prices. It can also play an important role in determining what kind of cabinet you purchase for your stainless steel black appliances.


The best color cabinets for black appliances are white, light gray, or brown. However, the perfect combination should be black appliances with grey cabinets. But you may choose according to your preferences and interior style. If your kitchen cabinets are already of another color, you can still make it work with these colors by using accents of the same shade. You may also want to consider adding some natural elements like wood floors and stone counters to create a warm atmosphere that goes well with the modern finishes on your new appliances. I hope now you know all about which kitchen cabinet colors with black appliances should be chosen so go ahead and design your dream kitchen.


Does black stainless steel scratch easily?

Black stainless steel doesn’t scratch easily. It comprises iron, chromium, silicon, nickel, and carbon polymer coating, creating a black matte finish. Moreover,  It is more resistant to smudges, fingerprints, streaks, and water spots. And it  is more durable.

Is black stainless steel more expensive?

This new Smudge-proof steel helps repel fingerprints and stains, which easily cleans your stove. Moreover, it has a good quality and heat tolerance unique and modern look. It also suggests a premium gaze and creates a black matte finish, even for those on a budget.

Is it OK to have a black and stainless steel appliance?

Yes, it’s acceptable to have a mix-and-match appliance in your home. There are no specific rules for ideally matching appliances. People choose to mix appliances in their kitchen or laundry to create a vital look and design it on a budget.

Are black kitchen appliances outdated?

Since Black appliances have gained more popularity and are coming back with trending color in the kitchen. Shiny Dark appliances make a kitchen dramatic and give you a luxurious feel. The best quality of this steel is that it does not get smudges and fingerprints on the surface and is long-lasting.

What kitchen goes with black appliances?

Having a black appliance, you don’t need any polish to clean your appliance, which saves you time. However, it is effortless to hide dust, dirt, smudge, and water stains. Especially this steel creates a striking contrast with other bright texted home accents.

How can I brighten my kitchen with black appliances?

Appling light plain color to the kitchen walls gives a brightening and softening effect of black appliances. Establish white and black floors, backsplash tiles of grey to release the bright tone in black and decorative glass.  Increasing the amount and direction of natural light through windows also illuminates dark appliances in the kitchen.

Can you have a black appliance with white cabinets?

White cabinets have the best combination with black appliances. It gives your kitchen a modern and contemporary look. It designs unique contrasts that pop up the white cabinet. The kitchen uses a white cabinet for a traditional or warm and shiny bright appearance.

What is the best color for black stainless steel appliances?

The neutral color won’t be assumed for the rest of the kitchen. A light yellow, a crisp white, a soft beige, or a light grey are the best examples of black stainless steel.

What matches black stainless steel?

Black can be matched with every color and give a modern luxury look. This steel blends perfectly with warm and cold nature . This steel goes with gray, brown, white, beige, and navy. Furthermore, pop the color of the kitchen and make it look classic, combining black appliances with blue and hues like green.

What kind of cabinets go with stainless steel appliances?

Appliances made of stainless steel are a fantastic choice because they go with everything. Together with stainless steel appliances, grey cabinets, white, blue, green, black, red, and any other colour of the rainbow will look fantastic.

Does black stainless steel go with dark cabinets?

Due to their better resistance to fingerprints, smudges, and corrosion, black stainless steel appliances are gradually replacing standard steel appliances. The cabinets in light grey, oak royal blue, white beige, and brown look fantastic with these stainless steel appliances.

Can you use black appliances with white cabinets?

Black stainless steel appliances paired with white cabinets are one of our favorite cabinet-appliance pairings. It produces a distinctive contrast that highlights the white cabinets. Try combining our well-liked White Shaker Elite cabinet line with black stainless steel appliances to achieve this appearance.

What color should appliances be in white kitchen?

Many people prefer steel appliances over white ones because they are easier to clean and better conceal filth. The white kitchen black appliances brings alluring look with roof and flooring.  Additionally, they give your kitchen a more contemporary feel, especially when used in conjunction with white cabinetry.

What kitchen goes with black appliances?

Consider using a pale yellow, a clean white, a soft beige, or a light grey if you’re searching for a color to balance off the darkness of your black appliances. Since the remainder of the kitchen has its own personality, these are neutral hues that won’t dominate.

What is the most popular color for appliances in 2023?

Steel is stainless. Because it goes with so many different types of decorations, stainless steel is a color that never goes out of style. Further, White appliances provide a modern aesthetic that is crisp, bright, and easy to match to any interior design scheme.

What color do cabinets go well with black stainless appliances?

Its depends on individual like and dislike, one who like lite color then white and gray would be great option with dark oak cabinets and flooring. In addition, for sophisticated look then white cabinets black appliances enhance the value of the kitchen.