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How to clean base cabinets inside & out?

How to clean base cabinets inside & out - Columbus Ohio

Well, who likes cleaning? Not me! But, cabinets are the source of true hygiene, storage solution, and kitchen space organization. So, cleaning is a must whether you like it or not!

Generally, we focus on cleaning the wall cabinets as we use them most of the time. But do you realize that your base cabinets also get a lot of dust, grime, and grease as a result of regular cooking? The base cabinets attract dust particles, spills, and splatters more than you can imagine. Don’t believe me! Open your base cabinets right now and see if it needs cleaning.

I’m sure you clean your kitchen floor every day. Right! Therefore, it is time to spare a few hours to clean base cabinets this week. You might have a busy schedule, but this task can’t wait anymore. This maintenance is mandatory as bacteria can grow on the knobs, handles, and inside your base cabinets. The following cleaning tips will surely help you clean base cabinets in less than an hour.

  1. Empty the base cabinets
  2. Make a mild cleaner with soap and water
  3. Clean the boxes and shelves
  4. Go hard on grease
  5. Use a damp cloth for deep cleaning
  6. Let the base cabinets dry
  7. Clean the contents of the cabinets
  8. Put everything back and clean the doors

1: Empty the base cabinets:

Empty the base cabinets
Honestly, dusting off the cabinet doors from the outside is not enough. Now is the time to deep clean your base cabinets. The first step toward cleaning base cabinets is to empty them. Take out everything from the cabinet boxes and shelves. Either put all the contents on the countertop or store them elsewhere temporarily. Meanwhile, discard every expired item or useless thing from the base cabinets.

2: Make a mild cleaner with soap and water:

Make a mild cleaner with soap and water

Once the cabinets are empty, start cleaning them. First, use a dry cloth to wipe or dust off all food crumbs from the shelves and drawers. Mix a few drops of mild dishwasher or soap in hot water and use a sponge to clean inside the base cabinets. It will purge the dirt, oily stains, grime, or any smudges from the surface.

If it does not work on sticky stains/grease, use vinegar solution and spray it on the marks. Let the solution stay for a few minutes, and then wipe the cabinet boxes with a damp cloth or a sponge.

But be sure to use the optimum amount of vinegar and wash soon after a couple of minutes. Or else, it might end up taking away the glossiness of the cabinets. See these shiny K-Series Cabinets by Forevermark Cabinetry featured at Columbus Cabinets City in Columbus, Ohio. You certainly would never want them to turn dull, would you?

3: Clean the boxes and shelves:

Clean the boxes and shelves
Now clean the boxes from high to low, shelf to shelf. Do the sides, walls, and upper wall, and lastly, clean the bottom of the base cabinets. It is an easy way to clean base cabinets. Do not touch the cabinet doors yet

4: Go hard on grease:

Some oily and tricky stains can be hard to remove. A mild dishwasher or soap might not work on them. So, you have to go hard on grease. For that, make a mildly abrasive paste of baking soda with two parts of water. It will naturally take off the greasy part and leave it gently. Wait a few minutes after applying the paste, and then use the brush gently to scrape the spot.

5: Use a damp cloth for deep cleaning:

Woman cleaning the kitchen cabinet
Be it grease, dust, grime, or oily marks- use a damp cloth to wipe the inside of the base cabinets thoroughly. Do not use a drenched cloth or sponge to clean wooden cabinets and doors, which may destroy the finish.

6: Let the base cabinets dry:

Clean the base cabinets with a clean damp cloth and let them dry. Leave the cabinets and drawers open and make sure the water content dries. If your base cabinets have glass doors, clean them with a glass cleaner.

7: Clean the contents of the cabinets:

While the cabinets are drying, clean the contents of the base cabinets. Clean every single item, jar, plate, and everything.

8: Put everything back and clean the doors:

Finally, put everything back into the cabinets once clean and dry. Please make sure the base cabinets are dry before putting the content back into its place.

Final thoughts:

Let’s wrap it up! If you haven’t cleaned your base cabinets for weeks, now is the time to do that. Start by emptying the base cabinets, and use mild soap and vinegar for stains and grime. Use a damp cloth to wipe the inside out. Also, apply baking soda paste for grease. Deep clean and dry is the formula. And follow a few habits to protect your base cabinets from minor damage. Try the steps and keep them sparkling inside and out.
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