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Visit our showroom to start a professional 3D design of your dream kitchen. Stay in touch with us and don’t miss our special offers

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    25 Creative Designs For Alluring White Kitchen Cabinets

    White kitchens are a timeless and classic choice. Being astonishingly versatile, you can design them to suit any space, décor, or taste. The kitchen is the heart of your home – it’s where you cook for your family and entertain guests – so it makes sense that you would want to love the design of your cooking area. If you like what appears timeless in your kitchen, you can use white tiles and columbus antique white kitchen cabinets

    Furthermore, you can take inspiration from these gorgeous spaces and pick your favorite look for your kitchen renovation project. Also, from glass doors to wood paneling, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes time to redo or update your kitchen outlook. So, here we are with the most stunning and affordable white cabinet ideas that can make your kitchen alluring and equally functional.

    Things to keep in mind while going for white kitchen cabinets:

    • Generally, setting up for white cabinetry is only the first step.
    • Keep the lighting factor in mind while choosing the white finish.
    • Also, make it pop up with colors and go for a different style altogether.
    • Ignore when people haunt you with more cleaning tips- white is an easy sweep.
    • Contrast it with bold colors to make a statement kitchen. 
    • Paint your antique cabinets white to restore the legacy.
    • Finally, pick any design idea that fits your style and taste.

    1. All-white kitchen space:

    If you are a classical stunner, you might want to go with the idea of all-white kitchens. Regardless of being old-fashioned, it is still timeless and perfect for all styles. So, the idea is to keep it all white kitchen cabinets, white floor tiles, backsplash, and white marble countertops. What best can you get for a fresh and clean space all the time?

    All-white kitchen space

    2. Two-toned kitchen cabinets:

    Two-toned kitchens have been a practical experience. These cabinets are modern, sturdy, spacious, and much notable. The best way to adapt this style is to stick with dark-colored base cabinets with white upper cabinets. As a result, it will give dimension to your cooking space while keeping it elegant. It will draw every passing eye towards its unique design. Add white subway tiles to complete the look. 

    Two-toned kitchen cabinets

    3. Antique-style white cabinets:

    All traditional kitchens are incomplete without antique-style cabinets. A slightly distressed antique white kitchen cabinets Columbus design will fully support the theme. It is the best way to achieve an old country vibe. Moreover, you can opt for a pearl glazed white finish to make it more stylish and sturdy. Plus, the charcoal grey top surface and dark hardware will amplify the entire outlook.

    Antique Style White Kitchen Cabinets

    4. White paneled kitchen cabinets:

    Have you thought about inserted cabinets? Well, paneled cabinets have wooden inserts on the door front. In addition, these beadboard wood panels are usually handleless doors. So, you can give them a contemporary touch by going for the no handles and knobs feature. Honestly, this design is a visual treat for white wood lovers.

    White paneled kitchen cabinets

    5. White base cabinets for narrow spaces:

    Having a narrow space does limit you with kitchen designs. But, the good news is that white cabinets can brighten up your small cooking spaces at one glance. Here, the pick is to keep fewer cabinets- it means you can skip upper cabinets. For a small kitchen, go for open shelves and white base cabinets. In this case, Columbus cabinets city is offering the best white cabinets for sale in Columbus.

    White base cabinets for narrow spaces

    6. Shaker-style white cabinets:

    A clean finish shaker style cabinetry is the best choice for an elegant home interior. The mix of these five paneled sets is worth the look and price. Pairing these ice-white kitchen cabinets will look stunning with gray quartz counters. Many modern homeowners seek this style to design their open kitchen design. Plus, you can pair them with stainless-steel devices.

    Shaker-style white cabinets

    7. White cabinets and a dark backsplash:

    How about you play with the backsplash! No doubt, white subway tiles look ethereal with white cabinets. But, a dark backsplash can be a focal point in your all-white kitchen. For instance, you can go with a stunning grey marble backsplash. Or, a blue-tiled backdrop will also look great with your white kitchen design.

    White cabinets and a dark backsplash

    8. Farmhouse white interior:

    It does not matter if you own a farmhouse or not. You can easily attain a farmhouse interior through white kitchen cabinets and a white island. All you need is wooden shelving, a wooden counter, and sturdy kitchen furniture. Also, natural light will enhance the desired country vibe. For greenery, put some green plants on the kitchen island.

    Farmhouse white interior

    9. Black and white kitchen space:

    Black and white is the rarest combo for any kitchen interior. This style has been in fashion since 2020, but very few people dare to go with this type of statement kitchen. The best way to adapt this design is to keep the upper cabinets white while keeping the base cabinets in a black tone. Moreover, you can go for either honed finish or glossy cabinets. The lighting is crucial in these experimental designs.

    Black and white kitchen space

    10. White cabinets and black countertops:

    Black countertops can be a valuable addition to your white kitchen. Just imagine the grace of your black worktop paired with white upper and base cabinets. Also, this idea fits both modern and antique kitchens. And metallic hardware will add more flavor to your kitchen vibe. For that, black granite and black quartz both are great choices.

    White cabinets and black countertops

    11. Chalk painting white cabinets:

    If refinishing the cabinets is your only concern, go for a chalk paint finish. You have gazillion color choices in these paints, but white chalk will look extra cool and stylish in your modern space. Plus, it does not require sanding and priming.

    Chalk painting white cabinets

    12. Old cabinets, new hardware:

    A new set of hardware and refinishing your cabinets can add freshness to your kitchen. First of all, repaint or polish your old cabinets if they still look good. Then get a new set of handles and knobs for them. With white cabinets, choose black hardware and pull-outs. It is the easiest and low-budget idea for a kitchen redo.

    Old cabinets, new hardware

    13. California white feels:

    Are you familiar with California kitchens? Well, this could be a nice touch for your white cabinets. So if you won’t have a beachy feel about your space, choose a blue or green backsplash. It will look fresh and breezy with your antique white kitchen cabinets. For a more coastal effect, keep more windows and paint them white as well.

    14. Contrasting white kitchen:

    If you think white is just white, you might be wrong! There is a vast range of shades in white color tones. From off-white to pearl white and ice white: white exists in many warm tones. So, pick any white shade to contrast with bold and bright colors. For a striking contrast, pair white with green or red cabinets. However, white cabinets look equally best with pastel colors as well. 

    15. Sleek and modern white:

    A sleek and minimal white cooking space is for those who prefer clean kitchens. If you do not intend to overdo your renovation, clean-lined cabinets are a perfect choice. Plus, you can never go wrong with slab front doors and brass hardware. And navigate the place with wood plank floors.

    Sleek and modern white

    16. White and blue kitchen cabinets:

    Blue is the best color to design an inspiring kitchen. A contrast between blue base cabinets and white upper cabinets is the pick. These affordable antique white kitchen cabinets are easily accessible. Moreover, it will add flavor to your otherwise stale kitchen. Plus, this combo looks stunning with white floor tiles and aqua blue walls.

    White and blue kitchen cabinets

    17. Glassdoor white cabinets:

    Glassdoor cabinets can never go out of style. These cottage-style cabinets are perfect for a traditional-style kitchen. In addition, these glass doors allow you to flaunt your expensive china and glassware. This idea is best for small cooking areas.

    Glassdoor white cabinets

    18. Raise the bar with tall cabinets:

    A high ceiling leaves space sometimes- tall cabinets are the best solution to utilize that area. White tall upper cabinets with crown molding are a brilliant idea. It looks elegant and gives the impression of big kitchens. In this way, you can add more storage to your home décor.

    19. Minimal white kitchen:

    White cabinets with flat fronts are the most popular choice for a modern kitchen. These handleless cabinet doors with smooth shine work perfectly. Furthermore, you can add a darker backsplash and floor tiles to add glam to this look. 

    20. White cabinets and wooden floors:

    A wooden floor is all you need for a country kitchen vibe. You can add a planked floor to your personalized kitchen design. Dark wooden floors will look sturdy with your antique white kitchen cabinets. Plus, wooden handles and knobs will reinforce the idea of an ideal back-in-the-days kitchen.

    White cabinets and wooden floors

    21. Make your galley style kitchen white:

    Kitchens that open into a galley or a garden are the best ones. So, make your galley kitchen style white for the sake of more freshness and ventilation. These doorways are perfect for gardens and backyards. And white cabinets tend to enhance the airy feel. Moreover, a white marble slab with blue veining will do wonders.

    22. White cabinets with Aqua Island:

    Choose the Aqua island counter for your urban kitchen if you want a modern farmhouse feel. In this way, you can make a great mix of white and blue that will keep it subtle. Not only a modern concept, but this idea will also support antique kitchen themes. It looks fresh, airy, and sparkling.

    White cabinets with Aqua Island

    23. Mirrored glass white cabinets:

    Mirrored glass cabinets have made a comeback. A mirror glass front door creates the illusion of space. For all the beauty-conscious ladies out there, keep looking at the mirror to see how you look!

    Mirrored glass white cabinets

    24. White and chalk grey cabinets:

     Chalk grey is a warm white shade that looks perfectly nice with white cabinets. This idea is brilliant for a cozy and welcoming kitchen. And any grey countertop will fit into the theme. To create any such look, Columbus cabinet city is a go-to place.

    White and chalk grey cabinets

    25. White statement kitchens:

    Although white is already a classic statement, any bold color will enhance its effect. You can design a statement kitchen by picking any patterned backsplash. In this case, Spanish printed tiles will look eye-catching. Also, black tiles will create a unique image with white cabinetry. Go and make a statement in white kitchen.

    White statement kitchens


    Consider white cabinets if you’re thinking about redoing your kitchen and want to do something different from the norm. White is a timeless color that can be paired with any decor style and look good in any type of space. Cabinets can make your kitchen look classic and modern at the same time. So, pick any white kitchen cabinet idea from these 25 creative designs (All-white kitchen space, two-toned kitchen cabinets, antique-style white cabinets, etc.) that will work for you.  

    In this blog post, we have also explained some crucial points when you decorate your kitchen with white cabinets. Furthermore, we have white cabinets for the kitchen in various shades that can make your kitchen organized and beautiful. If you use cabinets with white shades, these aforementioned ideas would be beneficial for you.


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    What is the best way to paint white kitchen cabinets?

    On the surface, painting kitchen cabinets appears to be a straightforward task; nevertheless, there is a significant difference between performing the job and doing it effectively. If your cabinets already have a finish or other paint on them, they will need to be removed before applying new paint. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, start stripping away all of the coatings from the surface using paint and finish stripping the product. With the scraper, be careful not to damage the surface of your cabinets. If your cabinets are sticky to the touch, wipe them off with a mildly moist towel or mineral spirits.

    You may start applying primer after your cabinets feel clean and dry. Although the primer is generally white by nature, applying many layers of priming is advisable before adding white paint. If you want to save time, several firms provide white paint and primer alternatives; nevertheless, do your homework before selecting. Although an HVLP sprayer is the most often used tool for applying paint and primer, meticulous work with a paintbrush may produce similar results.

    Are white cabinets still in use or style?

    Absolutely. White cabinets will complement any backsplash, wall, floor, or ornamental design. They bring much light into even the darkest of places, and they come in a range of door fronts to give you a detailed or straightforward look. Choosing white cabinets allows you more incredible opportunities to experiment with the rest of your kitchen because it will always match. This is why white cabinets have never been out of fashion.

    What is the famous cabinet color?

    By far, the most common color of kitchen cabinets on the market today is white. According to a poll, 43 percent of homeowners who have remodeled or plan to renovate their kitchen choose white kitchen cabinets. This was followed by wood grain cabinets, which accounted for 25% of the market. If you’re worried about white kitchen cabinets becoming out of style, we can cheerfully promise you that they won’t be any time soon. White cabinets are incredibly adaptable and visually appealing, especially when paired with vibrant accessories.

    What hardware color fits white cabinets?

    White cabinets are without a doubt the most versatile color of cabinets available. This provides you the option to choose anything you want for the remainder of your kitchen. Your cabinet hardware should complement the overall look of your kitchen. If you want to create a modern look in your kitchen:

    1. Try utilizing black or silver T-bar handles.
    2. Choose a pewter knob or a more ornate handle for a more rustic-farmhouse aesthetic.
    3. Use your imagination to select hardware that complements the rest of your kitchen.

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