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    Why You ShouldBuy Our Cabinets:

    Our cabinets are made of carefully selected top-grade lumber completed with expert finishing touches to create a durable cabinet that will hold its beauty for many years.
    The use of dovetail construction when paired with our soft-close mechanism allows for a secure, strong, and long-lasting cabinet function.
    Our treated and finished cabinets produce a sleek and contemporary design that is free of bubbling, peeling, and chipping

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    Rustam Resulidze
    Rustam Resulidze
    15. February, 2021.
    After cheking out a few places to find the perfect kitchen cabinets, I decided to go and check this place out. We emidiatly found what we wanted and had a great experience with them. The owner was super nice and helpful. He helped us out with the whole process. We got our stuff on time and everything was perfect. I would recommend this place for everyone.
    11. February, 2021.
    Best cabinets best service in the aria .thank you!
    John Ercan Kadioglu
    John Ercan Kadioglu
    4. October, 2020.
    First, thank you Columbus Cabinets City for kind and fast service. I shopped around both locally and online and found their prices to be unbeatable! Furthermore their cabinets and countertops came out beautiful and seem to have all the quality construction and features of more expensive stores. They also can deliver finished cabinets and countertops FAR faster than their competitors. Finally they provide quick and responsive customer service.... HIGHLY RECOMMEND! These guys will do the measuring, design, delivery and anything else you may need. They really take care of you.
    Yigit Alkis
    Yigit Alkis
    3. October, 2020.
    First of all they are very helpful and kind people.They have rich cabinets style and colors,reasonable prices, quality cabinets.Highly recommended this company.
    travel icon
    travel icon
    28. September, 2020.
    I am a developer and have been buying cabinets and flooring for a while, but Columbus Cabinets City is the best place that I have worked so far. Their prices, quality and the delivery time are very exceptional and very good costumer service. Thank you very much for doing a great job CCC and being my vendor for my single or multi family projects.
    Tammy Abrams
    Tammy Abrams
    12. August, 2020.
    We have used them several times in our remodeling business they have great products and a great selection we recommend them highly
    Kerem Semih
    Kerem Semih
    4. August, 2020.
    These guys are great! Kind and helpful. You can find different options with reasonable prices. The service quality is spectacular. Highly recommended.....
    Ayhan Cankara
    Ayhan Cankara
    2. August, 2020.
    This location in Columbus for cabinets is absolutely perfect. Their showroom is designed to offer visuals of the various cabinet options. It was a nice surprise to find out they also have countertops! Overall, Rug Gallery offers reasonable prices, excellent quality, an extensive selection of material and color, professional customer service, you name it! Highly recommend!

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    We have a little something for everyone! Shop from over 200 fully refundable sample doors – we’ll even cover the shipping both ways!


    Work one-on-one with an expert designer on your new space! We’ll provide 3D renderings, floor plans, itemized quotes, and more.


    Whether you’re starting from scratch or putting on those final touches, our gallery is home to thousands of images to draw inspiration from.

    Reliable Kitchen Cabinets in Powell, OH, USA

    With a population of 13,141, Powell is a suburb of Columbus. The city is considered one of the top places to live in Ohio. Most families are conservative and the city has a lot of residents. In addition to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Powell’s location puts a number of recreational areas within reaches, such as 8,600-acre Alum Creek State Park, 1,050-acre High banks Metro Park, and the 8,600-acre Alum Creek State Park. There are highly rated public schools in Powell.

    Columbus Cabinets City sells the best cabinetry in the United States. Being a reliable kitchen cabinet store in Powell, OH, we provide all-plywood construction and reliable hardware that will pass the test of time with flexibility. We have a remarkable brand collection that aims at making your home beautiful and functional at the same time. Visit our showroom for quality kitchen cabinets in Powell, OH in town.

    Discover a Remarkable Collection of Forevermark Cabinets

    For those looking for a high-quality kitchen cabinet, Forevermark Cabinets in Powell, OH are a popular option. They are made of high-quality materials and are built to last. These materials are long-lasting and will last for many years. The wood has been stained and sealed to make it look beautiful in your kitchen. The cabinet doors are also made of high-quality materials. They are strong and can withstand a lot of abuse! These kitchen cabinets in Powell, OH are available in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to find the perfect one for your home.

    Buy Elegant & Graceful Fabuwood Cabinets in Powell, OH

    People enjoy purchasing Fabuwood Cabinets in Powell, OH. They like it because the wood is good for the environment. It is made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials, making it less harmful to the environment than traditional wood products. Second, fabuwood cabinets are aesthetically pleasing and exotic. Finally, they are long-lasting and can be used for many years before needing to be replaced. So, visit our kitchen cabinet store in Powell, OH and explore further today!

    Buy Exquisite J and K Cabinets in Powell, OH

    J and K cabinets in Powell, OH are a popular choice for those looking for a contemporary look in their kitchen. They are available in a variety of styles and can be tailored to your specific requirements. Built-in cabinetry, pull-out drawers, and frameless glass doors are among the most popular J&K kitchen cabinets in Powell, OH. They are available in a variety of woods and finishes, allowing you to find one that perfectly complements the décor of your home.

    Explore a Selection of Kraftsman Cabinets in Powell, OH

    Kraftsman cabinets in Powell, OH remain popular today, with many homeowners choosing them as a low-cost way to update their kitchens. They are simple to work with and can be tailored to any style or décor. Kraftsman Cabinets may be the right option for you if you’re looking for an affordable way to update your kitchen without spending a lot of money. So, come over at kitchen cabinet store in Powell, OH to explore more.

    The Versatile Collection of Wolf Cabinets in Powell, OH

    The Wolf Designer cabinets in Powell, OH are ornate enough to go well with your high-end kitchens. It is distinguished by its intricate design and large size. A wolf cabinet’s purpose is to make a statement, and they are typically used in places where space is limited or there is a lot of potential for decoration. Wolf Classic Cabinets in Powell, OH useful if you have a large amount of counter space because they take up less space than other types of kitchen cabinets. Correspondingly, the wolf signature cabinets in Powell, OH allow you to make the best style statement.

    Sturdy and Robust Kitchen Countertops in Powell, OH

    Kitchen Countertops in Powell, OH come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be made from a variety of materials. Granite, marble, quartz, glass, and stainless steel are some countertop materials. Countertops can be made from a variety of materials, depending on the homeowner’s preferences or requirements. Because it is both durable and beautiful, granite is the most popular choice. Another popular option is marble, which looks great and is also very easy to clean. Quartz is a newer option that has grown in popularity in recent years due to its low cost and ease of maintenance. So, buy sturdy countertops and bathroom vanities in Powell, OH at the best rates today.

    Affordable and reliable kitchen cabinet store in Powell, OH

    If you live in one of the big cities of the United States, you must not be unknown about Columbus Cabinet City which is near you. We are offering high-quality kraftsman cabinets in Powell, OH with a variety of new designs and styles in affordable pricing than the market range. On top of that, our quality and reliable cabinets are the perfect fit for your kitchen and bathroom application. Columbus Cabinets City is offering the best prices for these quality designs and cabinet structures. On top of that, we offer a top-notch range of colors and finishes.

    Ensure quality workmanship

    With our high quality, top-ranking design, and excellent customer service, our cabinets services in Powell, OH, are worth the investment. We have a wide variety of options that are custom to your needs within a short delivery time, thanks to our branded selection based on the wholesalers as great as J&K, Fabuwood, and Forevermark Cabinets in Powell, OH. So, visit our showroom in Dublin, Ohio, to make your life easier with our top-ranking products. We ensure only quality workmanship and materials so that you can choose from a variety of designs. For sure, our quality and price range will not disappoint you.

    Make your dream come true

    If you haven’t checked out our latest collection of quality cabinets assistance in Powell, Ohio, you are missing out on a lifetime chance of getting the best kitchen cabinetry out there. We are selling a fabulous range of crafted cabinets that will make your dream kitchen come true. So, pick one of our wide range of colors, sizes, and fair prices. Not only that, our classic and versatile range of kitchen designers specialize in crafting your customized cabinet designs. Furthermore, we also have a selection of Bathroom Vanities in Powell, OH to boost the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom.

    Wolf Designer Cabinets in Powell, OH

    In addition to other brands, we also have a distinctive selection of Wolf Cabinets. Wolf Cabinetry comes in three distinctive lines based on Classic, Signature, and designer cabinets. The Wolf Classic Cabinets in Powell, OH allow you to stamp a traditional appeal in your interior space. The Wolf Signature Cabinets in Powell, OH is all about the modern & luxurious style of cabinetry, adding a lot to the aesthetics of your interior.

    Quality Kitchen Countertops in Powell, OH

    Aside from the branded cabinets such as Forevermark and Fabuwood Cabinets in Powell, OH and others, we also have a selection of kitchen countertops in Powell, OH. Our premium kitchen counters Powell, OH come with the finest quality materials yet at the best price. From marble to quartz kitchen counter tops Powell, OH, we have an extensive range of them right here. Discover a wide range of these at the most affordable rates. In addition to quartz and marble, we also offer quality granite countertops Powell, OH, so visit us today and choose what fits your requirement and preferences.

    Stay Unlimited with Styles

    Columbus cabinets city offers a vast collection of styles, designs, and finishes of branded cabinets including Forevermark, Fabuwood, Kraftsman, and J and K Cabinets in Powell, OH. Our cabinets not only transformed the look of the cooking area, but also it has more storage space now. Also, our classic collection makes it look more spacious than before. We offer a wide selection of cabinet styles and finishes that comes in different shapes, sizes, finishes, budgets, and styles. In addition, you can get our services regarding all of your cabinet problems and their solutions under a single shade, not to mention the custom bathroom Powell.

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