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Ditch Daily Cleaning: Use These Effective Tips to Clean Your Cabinets in the Long Run

Use These Effective Tips to Clean Your Cabinets in the Long Run - Dublin Columbus, Ohio

Tips to clean Your Cabinets: Your cabinets play a vital role in storing, decluttering, and organizing the kitchen. But owing to oil & food splashes, they’re likely to accumulate dirt, grime, and grease sooner than you could expect. Avoiding a periodic cleaning of grimy cabinets may increase the likelihood of wearing out too soon.

Now, it is usually advised to do everyday wiping if you’re to maintain your cabinets for good. But honestly, who’s got the time to clean that range of base & wall cabinets daily? To skip this daily wiping, we’ve listed some amazing cleaning tips that protect your cabinets from grease and prolong their lifespan:

1. Use Protective Coating

Cover your cabinets with a sheet that works as a protective layer against dirt & oil splashes. The exposed wood or painted cabinets certainly do require such a protective layer. But even if you have treated-wood or laminate kitchen cabinets, an additional layer of coating still should be your preference. The volume of moisture and steam we usually have in the kitchen can rot away the laminate cabinets if not wipe-cleaned daily.

Use Protective Coating

You can use laminated paper as a layer for traditional wooden cabinets. But a “shelf liner” should be a more prudent option as it helps protect dirt and ward off moisture alike. Other alternates to shelf liner include wallpaper pieces, PVC panels, wax paper, and laminate floor tiles.

2. Avoid Moisture

No matter how much you’ve coated your cabinets, you still need to keep your cabinets away from water. A protective layer or coating can treat usual moisture, but if you leave your cabinets damped or do not ensure the dryness after doing the dishes, you’re probably subjecting them to severe rotting.

Keep wet dishes and rags away from cabinets after washing. Wipe any water splashes as they may leave a permanent stain on laminated sheets. Also, do wipe your cabinets thoroughly soon after rinsing them in a cleaning session. Be mindful of these simple yet essential tips if you want your cabinets to stay intact for long.

3. Fix Broken Hardware

Wondering what the broken hardware has to do with cabinet cleaning? Well, it directly concerns the case. Imagine how you would approach your cabinet if the drawer handle or doorknob is broken? Won’t your hands directly come in contact with the wood? Now, imagine you’re dealing with raw meat, doing the dishes, or cooking with gloves on, and you touch the wood surfaces with these hands.

Well, cleaning a metal knob or a solid plastic handle is way easier than exposing the wood surfaces to greasy or wet fingers. These things may appear trivial at first, but thinking the case through should make you fix broken hardware right away.

4. Avoid Leaving Your Cabinets Open

An open cabinet door or drawer will likely amass more dust and dirt than a closed one. It doesn’t mean a closed cabinet does not require a deep clean. You would still have to deep clean & disinfect the inside of your cabinet once in six months. But leaving them open could diminish this period to once a month. Reason? More proportions of dust are getting inside. So, whether it’s due to your habit or just the weak hinges of doors, you must fix this problem for good.

5. Cabinets Waxing is Important

Tips to clean Your Cabinets: Deep cleaning, as we mentioned earlier, should be carried out once in six months. In addition to deep cleaning & sanitization, applying wood furniture wax all over your cabinets twice a year would significantly improve their longevity.

Wood furniture wax works as another layer of protective coating and basically prevents the buildup of steam, water, oil, and food stains. Simply use an ordinary cleaning rag and wax spray to serve the purpose. Spray it on the rug and apply it thoroughly on the inside & outside of your cabinets, and you’re good to go!


Cabinets make an essential kitchen accessory, so proper care, disinfection, and cleaning are equally important. From spacious base cabinets to robust wall cabinets, each part has its significance in keeping necessary items at hand. Keep these Tips to clean Your Cabinets in mind would improve the durability of your cabinets, eventually minimize your hassles of frequent cleaning.

These tips are specifically about the maintenance of cabinets. Read these articles if you want to know more about the precautions of cleaning and disinfecting your cabinets.

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