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How to clean the inside of kitchen cabinets?

How to clean the inside of kitchen cabinets in Columbus Ohio

You probably clean your kitchen cabinets, top shelves, sink, and countertops thoroughly. I’m sure you don’t clean your cabinet interiors as much as you clean their outer surfaces. Right! What happens is that the inside of the cabinets gets more dust, grime, and stains stick badly over time. That is why cleaning inside kitchen cabinets is essential to maintain the overall hygiene of your cooking space.

The good news is that cleaning inside cabinets is not as difficult as it sounds. Once you empty the cabinets and drawers of your kitchen, give a little extra time to clean the interiors. Cleaning the interiors is the same as cleaning your fridge. So, do this every 2 to 3 months.

In this blog, we’ll go through to achieve a flawless and hygienic kitchen step by step. Let’s get started!

What and how to apply inside the cabinets?

What and how to apply inside the cabinets

So, the question is what to use inside the cabinets. A few things to keep in mind are:

  • Avoid using any harsh chemicals as you store food and spices inside the cabinets that may react to the fumes later.
  • Do not start cleaning cabinet interiors while it still has some food particles.
  • Dust it off thoroughly and then begin the cleaning process.

Here are steps you should follow in cleaning cabinets from the inside:

Step #1

Empty the cabinets:

Concept image to illustrate harsh economic times

Yes, take everything out of your cabinets and drawers. Put the items somewhere else, probably on the counter, until they dry after cleaning.

Step #2

Remove the drawers and shelves:

Remove the drawers and shelves

Now remove all the loose stuff such as drawers and shelves. Vacuum everything- do not even leave food crumbs. Scrape every food particle that sticks on the surface.

Step #3

Use warm water solution with non-abrasive detergents:

Use warm water solution with non-abrasive detergents

The next step is to wash the cabinets from the inside. Use a non-abrasive cleaning agent in warm water and wipe every nook and corner of the cabinets. Moreover, you can use a mild vinegar solution for tough stains or grease.

Step #4

Clean it twice:

Clean it twice

Now clean inside the cabinets twice with a damp cloth. Gently use the fabric inside cabinet boxes.

Step# 5

Clean it with a dry cloth:

Clean it with a dry cloth

Finally, grab a dry cloth and wipe the cabinets until it absorbs the water content. It will prevent the cabinets door from damaging.

How to clean the inside of the kitchen drawers?

Yeah! You can use the steps mentioned above to deep clean the drawers. However, drawers may contain more food crumbs than cabinets. For instance, you might find an old candy stick inside the drawer surface. These kids are right! So, mix any cleaner or soap in warm water and scrub inside the drawers. You better take out the drawers if you can.

Clean it thoroughly and make sure not to leave any residue behind. Furthermore, please do not close the drawers until they are dried; otherwise, they’ll smell really bad.

Final thoughts:

To conclude, the best and clean kitchen is the one that is spick and span inside and out. So, empty your cabinets and drawers and follow the steps to deep clean kitchen cabinets. Wipe and clean inside cabinets using warm water, soap, and a damp cloth. Also, ensure your kitchen does not get unwanted bacteria. That’s all!

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