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Inspiring Blue Cabinets To Renovate Your Kitchen

Color is a great way to help enhance the appearance of the kitchen. If you love cooking, kitchens are an ideal space for a temple. The kitchen isn’t just an area to practice cooking, but it is also a place where you can take a break to make delicious meals for your family and friends.

There is no doubt that blue is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. Most blue kitchen cabinets aren’t the primary blue or cerulean instead. This makes them more neutral for kitchens but a great color. As the popularity of high-contrast styles increases, it is only natural that blue comes into the picture.

Kitchens with white and blue cabinets work well together. The darker color gives a better sense of comfort. White kitchens are now a fashion that’s been around for a while. The boldness of these kitchens will satisfy your desire for color, but be comfortable enough to stay in your home for the rest of your life. Blue shades have been popular over the last year. We’ve also seen the hue emerge in striking blue dining spaces as well as baby blue. This hue works particularly well indoors.

We’ve seen just about every shade of blue like Navy blue kitchen cabinets Columbus, matte blue, and midnight blue that can do wonders for kitchen cabinets. So we surveyed the designers and owners behind our top blue kitchens to discover. Check out these must-have blue colors to match any design.

Table of Content:

  1. Get light and solid
  2. Bluish cabinetry kitchen
  3. Modern-rustic kitchen
  4. Cabinets with a two-tone finish
  5. Monochromatic kitchen
  6. Classic navy finish
  7. Metallic highlights
  8. Go ultra-modern
  9. Turquoise kitchen
  10. Classic navy blue kitchen cabinets
  11. Mix blue with wood tones
  12. Choose farmhouse blue
  13. Bring a mood
  14. Use blue as a neutral
  15. Get blue and brown
  16. Charcoal blue cabinets with base
  17. Coordinating dining cabinets
  18. Midnight blue kitchen

Creative Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets Ideas:

Blue cabinets on kitchen islands are the star of the show these days. If you put their cabinets with one of the contemporary white kitchen designs that are so well-known today, they’ll bring a pop of color and a touch of charm to the space. The blue cabinets can be an excellent option for casual, transitional, country, modern and traditional interior designs. This color acts as a focal point in your latest kitchen design. The gorgeous blue kitchen cabinet designs will bring a fresh and vibrant look to your cooking area while giving it a stunning and timeless appeal! 

Get light and solid:

The light blue color is impressive. It’s an excellent example of how to brighten up space using a color typically used to create drama and depth. It’s incredibly beautiful and attractive when you have white cabinets for your kitchen.

Get light and solid

Bluish cabinetry kitchen:

Custom-designed cabinets with a vibrant blue finish and an open bar with a smoked mirror are available in the restaurant. The kitchen boasts a luxurious design thanks to the counters made of cast glass and the antique stools. It blended the old and new styles.

Bluish cabinetry kitchen

Modern-rustic kitchen:

The mix of marbles in a rustic hue or on wooden surfaces is amazing. This combination of colors will give an attractive look for your kitchen if the wall surfaces are white to get the most effective outcomes.

Modern-rustic blue kitchen

Cabinets with a two-tone finish:

A relaxing atmosphere can be created in the kitchen by using this hue. The combination of colors in the kitchen creates a spacious space because it isn’t overly messy. Your kitchen will stand out by choosing a distinct color for your cabinets. You’ll get a chic design that will last for many years to come. Additionally, the leather pulls create a feeling of elegance and tranquility.

blue Cabinets with a two-tone finish

Monochromatic kitchen:

If it is used properly, a monochromatic color scheme can give a stylish and elegant look to any space. The use of monochromatic color shades can create a classic and beautiful design for your kitchen. It is a beautiful shade of blue in all components of this kitchen, except the butcher-block countertop and the flooring made of wood.

Monochromatic kitchen

Classic navy blue kitchen cabinets:

When used correctly, it doesn’t feel too shabby. Instead, it takes on the label of coastal chic where it is. It’s very pleasing to the eyes to see vibrant shades of color like silver, navy, and blue. Columbus Navy blue kitchen cabinets are customizable with silver flooring and rusty walls to fit your taste. In addition to the attractive blue-blue color, other elements such as tiles in white and the bigger blue trim provide the eye with an extra layer of texture and create a more contemporary and timeless space.

Classic navy blue kitchen cabinets

Metallic highlights:

A metallic tile and a metallic roof and doors with metallic finishes to blue and silver-colored walls cabinets make your kitchen distinctive and attractive. Despite the gray steel chrome appliances, dark walls, and brass fittings, the kitchen can look more inviting due to the blue splash in the kitchen island. While the kitchen can seem more industrial, the inclusion of denim blue helps it appear more livable but lavish.

metallic blue kitchen cabinets

Go ultra-modern:

Select modern and contemporary designs like the ones listed here if you’re looking for someone to be amazed when they visit your kitchen. Blue isn’t a coastal color and can be used in cabinetry and create a modern interior. It’s a popular style for 2021. Blue can be reminiscent of beach homes or dining spaces with traditional décor. Take a look at this eye-catching design in the kitchen.

Go ultra-modern blue cabinets

Turquoise kitchen:

You can instantly change the look of an old kitchen by using the right color of blue. There’s nothing more enjoyable or stylish than turquoise kitchen cabinets. They also look great with the adorable banquette bench you’ll discover in the breakfast nook. Beautiful stems and branches add the perfect hint of greenery. In addition, the silver slabs give the appearance of a classic and luxury.

Turquoise kitchen

Classic blue kitchen cabinets:

A high-contrast design is gaining popularity, using dark counters and backsplashes set against white cabinets or reversed. So, it seems natural that blue would be the most popular color. Most blue cabinets aren’t bright, bright cobalt and a primary blue; however, they are an underlying gray navy. They’re a neutral shade, yet nevertheless enjoyable. The navy blue kitchen cabinets in Columbus are also great for creating a relaxed or beach feel. However, be cautious when selecting blue hues, and stay with ones with gray undertones.

Classic blue kitchen cabinets

Mix blue with wood tones:

The kitchen is associated with the lightest of colors. However, with its gorgeous blue cabinets, this kitchen sings to an entirely different tune when displaying the design. The wood and blue serve as a strong contrast color palette that doesn’t need to rely on the traditional white and black, and the sharp round edges and crisp lines make it an extremely friendly area. 

Mix blue with wood tones

With the striking contrast between wood and blue this space is timeless instead of white and black, while the smooth edges and subtle curves make it the huge of the space. Combining blue and wood makes your kitchen appear more elegant. The white cabinets of this kitchen provide it with an entirely different vibe and look regarding its influence.

Choose farmhouse blue:

Blue and beadboard make a great combination for a kitchen that conveys that rustic, twee farmhouse style. Although it’s a cooler shade because it’s a shade in a very neutral space, it creates a feeling of the kitchen being more intimate and personal. In a way, it’s like antiques and globe-trotters, which is a great match.

Choose farmhouse blue

Bring a mood:

Enjoy that moodiness and sexiness, and do not be afraid to mix it with other darker shades such as black. However, if you’re hesitant about creating a space that feels excessively heavy, opt for open shelves with white wall surfaces to achieve this style and make the space feel more harmonious.

Use blue as a neutral:

If you’re thinking about a calm palette of colors, the first colors that come to mind are beige, gray-white, and taupe. But, as you’ll see on this particular kitchen island, the blue cabinets can be used as neutrals for the cabinets. It’s because the blue is clouded by gray and works wonderfully, just as charcoal or black would in a minimalist kitchen.

Get blue and brown:

The rarest combinations that are being seen nowadays are blue and brown. This is unfortunate when you’re in a stylish space because of the combination of these two shades. In addition to the color palette, tiles and the ’70s-inspired lamps hanging above the bar create an easy to relax and enjoy.

Charcoal blue cabinets with base:

The custom kitchen is designed to display the eclectic collection of dishware that the homeowner has. The cabinets’ base was stained a dark charcoal blue that draws attention to their natural wooden cabinets. The deep blue color with Navy blue kitchen cabinets helps reduce the stress of visual stress.

Coordinating dining cabinets:

Cabinet colors are a great way to bring versatility and functionality to your home interior. If you have a combined kitchen and a dining area, separate these two areas gracefully with a blue kitchen island and grey upper cabinets. Trust me; this color coordination will synchronize your dining cum kitchen space.

Midnight blue kitchen:

This one belongs to the dark family of blue shades. It is attractive, dense, and rich with darker accents. So, opt for this dark blue cabinetry to make a statement kitchen. But, do not forget to define the area with a white countertop. 


Blue is one of the most favorite colors of the majority of people. It is also the evergreen and possibly the most commonly used color in terms of paint when you are up to using blue in your kitchen cabinets. As shown above, there are multiple ways to use this color to improve the look of your dining area or kitchen. So, opt for the best blue tone that suits your style and existing kitchen design.

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Rustam Resulidze
Rustam Resulidze
15. February, 2021.
After cheking out a few places to find the perfect kitchen cabinets, I decided to go and check this place out. We emidiatly found what we wanted and had a great experience with them. The owner was super nice and helpful. He helped us out with the whole process. We got our stuff on time and everything was perfect. I would recommend this place for everyone.
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Best cabinets best service in the aria .thank you!
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John Ercan Kadioglu
4. October, 2020.
First, thank you Columbus Cabinets City for kind and fast service. I shopped around both locally and online and found their prices to be unbeatable! Furthermore their cabinets and countertops came out beautiful and seem to have all the quality construction and features of more expensive stores. They also can deliver finished cabinets and countertops FAR faster than their competitors. Finally they provide quick and responsive customer service.... HIGHLY RECOMMEND! These guys will do the measuring, design, delivery and anything else you may need. They really take care of you.
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Yigit Alkis
3. October, 2020.
First of all they are very helpful and kind people.They have rich cabinets style and colors,reasonable prices, quality cabinets.Highly recommended this company.
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28. September, 2020.
I am a developer and have been buying cabinets and flooring for a while, but Columbus Cabinets City is the best place that I have worked so far. Their prices, quality and the delivery time are very exceptional and very good costumer service. Thank you very much for doing a great job CCC and being my vendor for my single or multi family projects.
Tammy Abrams
Tammy Abrams
12. August, 2020.
We have used them several times in our remodeling business they have great products and a great selection we recommend them highly
Kerem Semih
Kerem Semih
4. August, 2020.
These guys are great! Kind and helpful. You can find different options with reasonable prices. The service quality is spectacular. Highly recommended.....
Ayhan Cankara
Ayhan Cankara
2. August, 2020.
This location in Columbus for cabinets is absolutely perfect. Their showroom is designed to offer visuals of the various cabinet options. It was a nice surprise to find out they also have countertops! Overall, Rug Gallery offers reasonable prices, excellent quality, an extensive selection of material and color, professional customer service, you name it! Highly recommend!

Some common concerns about blue kitchen cabinets:

Despite being the most favored choice in kitchen trends, blue kitchen cabinets come with some concerns. Let’s clear a few of them:

Is blue a good color for the kitchen?

For sure, contemporary kitchens are all about opting for bright and bold colors. Likewise, blue kitchens are no exception to the rest of the trends. These cabinets are as trendy and stunning as black kitchen cabinets. If you already have grey or white walls, blue cabinets will complement your current kitchen design. The trick is not to overdo the blue kitchen design with more metallic hues.

Is it too trendy to have blue cabinets?

Well, if you have been searching for kitchen cabinets, you must have observed that blue has been ruling the trends for at least five years now. These blue cabinets not only look great in images, but they do compliment any kitchen style in reality. So, indeed, this color in kitchen cabinets is trendy till today. Moreover, these cabinets are charming to have and fun to deal with. Navy, turquoise, cobalt, charcoal, and royal blue are the hot choices right now.

Is blue going to last as a kitchen trend?

In answer to that, no one has seen the future of kitchen trends. Indeed, colors and styles come and go throughout the year. But, blue is a classic color choice that will last for a few more years in the industry. As much as white, grey, and greige are in trends right now, you are more likely to observe more blue in kitchen trends. So, picking blue is a stylish, trendy, and practical decision for years to come.

What countertop color goes well with blue cabinets?

Well, it is imperative to create a space that synchronizes with other elements of your kitchen. In case you have dark blue cabinets, go for light countertops to balance the tone. On the contrary, match dark countertops with light blue cabinets. In addition, a butcher block is one of the most suitable options to go perfectly with any blue tone. Moreover, go for tiled backsplashes to compliment these colored cabinets. Plus, wood floors look decent with columbus blue kitchen cabinets.

Where to buy blue cabinets in Columbus?

It is easy to answer this question. Just buy your cabinets from Columbus Cabinets City! Our blue cabinet range is perfect, calming, and chic for your home kitchen. The cabinets are easy to assemble, saving you time and money.

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