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What is a Frameless Cabinet?

Frameless kitchen cabinets are usually found in European kitchens. However, they are getting high popularity in American homes as well.  These kitchen cabinets are additionally more accessible. There are two primary reasons behind their extraordinary popularity. Firstly, they are readily available. Secondly, they are economical.

Frameless kitchen cabinets generally do not own a wooden frame. They are opposite to the traditional cabinets. Traditional kitchen cabinets have good strength.  Besides everything Frameless kitchen cabinets, when joined together. Additionally, give strength to each other. On the other hand, each framed cabinet has good self strength.

Besides your personal choice. frameless kitchen cabinets are an ideal choice. These cabinets are highly suitable for both kitchens, i.e. traditional or contemporary. Along with other incredible features, shelves are easy to mount in these cabinets. All the shelves easily slide right away.

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A Brief Overview of Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

These kitchen cabinets cover the current cabinets category. Consequently, these kitchen cabinets are without any frame. They have massive popularity around the globe.

Indeed, these kitchen cabinets have many properties, such as
  • These cabinets do not own any stiles or dividers. These dividers usually surround doors and drawers. Besides this, these kitchen cabinets indeed have a full overlay.
  • From the front side opening, the doors of these cabinets are easily stretchable from top to bottom.
  • These cabinets have no exposed part hence a good option.
  • Like other cabinets, frameless cabinets have no dividers in the middle.
  • These cabinets are specially designed. They have only one large square box.
  • Frameless cabinets offer seemingly endless coordination. However, such a fantastic look is only available in contemporary homes.
  • These kitchen cabinets, in particular, have more storage space. Kitchen cabinets that do not own any frame have almost 10-15 % more storage.
  • NOTE

Indeed all of us want a sleek and stylish kitchen. Frameless cabinetry is incredibly ideal. They are additionally beautiful. In other words, use these cabinets for a fantastic visual aesthetic. These endless cabinets have seemingly endless features. Usually, the doors of these are easily removed.

Application of frameless kitchen cabinets

Frameless kitchen cabinets have no frames. These kitchen cabinets are unquestionably cost-friendly. They work ideally in both commercial and residential kitchen remodeling.  Frameless cabinets are designed by using high-quality plywood or MDF. Depending upon your need, use these cabinets in any place.

  • Commercial use

For commercial applications, frameless cabinets are designed especially with extreme care and concern. They are designed in a customized way. For commercial purposes, the cost is always considered a primary factor.

These kitchen cabinets have pure melamine or PVC. No doubt, the exterior is usually coated with plastic laminate. Edge bender is also usually used. Moreover, all the equipment is utilized efficiently. The result is a user-friendly cabinet with the least labor cost. Commercially installed cabinets are easy to clean and highly durable.

  • Residential use

Frameless kitchen cabinets in residential slots are primarily found in kitchens and bathrooms. These kitchen cabinets exist in the form of two materials. One is the particleboard, and the second is plywood. Just like commercial applications, frameless cabinets in residential areas have less labor cost.

Custom cabinets are getting trendy. These cabinets usually have a maple wood case. Besides all the other features, they have a full overlay door. Despite all of the facts. you can decorate frameless cabinets with the desired style and taste.

Characteristics of frameless kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets with no frame have certain specific characteristics. Despite all the ideas and imaginations, you have in your mind. you still need some knowledge.  For example, Some most common characteristics include

  1. Stylish
  2. Highly functional
  3. Easily accessible
  4. Extra storage space

1. Stylish

Frameless kitchen cabinets are stylish and have a great visual appeal. These cabinets won a unique style. They have smooth and clear lines. A contemporary feel and modern looks made these cabinets favorite.

Loveable among all homeowners. Modern and urban houses use frameless cabinets. These kitchen cabinets have a striking and elegant design. Indeed you cannot deny having them in your home. These are trendy and equally fashionable. Perhaps these are an evergreen trend.

Stylish Kitchen Cabinets

For modern chic, you can never find a choice better than these. For the best frameless cabinets  2021, you can decide your favorite color and style. These cabinets offer the most seamless look and smooth chic. These are a tremendous minimalist approach.

2. Highly functional

Not only the frameless kitchen cabinets are elegant and stylish, but they are also highly functional. These cabinets have no heavy frames. As there are no frames, these cabinets do not create a fuss. In short, you have a lot of space to move around. These cabinets have open shelves with the slightest hindrance.

Frameless kitchen cabinets have no stiles. You can easily open mounted shelves. This cabinet class is easy to clean and maintain. They do not have any heavy frames. Usually, these cabinets are highly durable. They can hold vast amounts of cutlery.  In fact, over a long period, they do not develop any dent or scratch.

3. Easily accessible

Frameless kitchen cabinets improvised the space and accessibility of your kitchens. They make your work easier as compared to traditional cabinets. These cabinets have no frame, and there is no hindrance to working. You can get all the things quite quickly. Because of the shelves. you can easily get the thighs that are at last.

These are the perfect stores for holding the monthly grocery quite efficiently.  Moreover, these kitchen cabinets make your life the least difficult. As of now, you don’t have to deal with the accidentally fling trays and plates.  Despite all , people who need extra storage in their kitchen can fearlessly opt for this choice

4. Extra storage space

If storage is your top priority when choosing kitchen cabinets, generally, frameless cabinets are the ideal choice. Maximum storage space in these cabinets is undoubted because of no rigid boards and outside frames. Drawers of the frameless kitchen cabinets are broad and relatively more prominent than the traditional kitchen cabinets.

They offer a lot of extra space. If you are looking for an ideal kitchen cabinetry choice, you can quickly get them. Columbus cabinets city Ohio deals with the frameless cabinets widely across the area. These cabinets have appropriate storage space.

Pros and Cons of Frameless kitchen cabinets

Frameless kitchen cabinets have a list of advantages and disadvantages. you can weigh each of them, before making a final purchase.

The look and tone of your kitchen cabinetry determine the look of your entire kitchen. How your kitchen appears determines your taste and personality. In short, you have myriads and myriads of choice,  For your kitchen decoration. Regardless of choice, you opt for the kitchen, i.e. temporary or modern. Your kitchen cabinets dictate the natural look.

Indeed, Have a unique look.Highly expensive
Contemporary style along with diverse chic.Not readily available.
Not only easy installation but also a quick process.Less no of designs and styles.
The material used is of high quality. Besides plywood MDF is also used.Material choices are limited.
Have excellent functional and practical value.Not stable on uneven walls.

Easily accessible.

Hung down after a short while.

Framed vs frameless

There are two types of design to choose from. Framed and frameless when it comes to kitchen cabinets. This basic difference is in the layout of the box. A frameless cabinet does not have an overlying frame or structure.

To sustain the cabinets. A framed cabinet has a support system. Unquestionably both of the cabinets have a high quality. Therefore they are equally unique and stylish. However, their functionality and looks differ widely.


Are you planning a kitchen remodel with the latest 2021 kitchen cabinets? Choose fabuwood kitchen cabinets. This is, in fact, a worthwhile investment. Always consider the professional cabinet providers. If you are in Columbus, you can buy them from Columbus cabinets city. Best kitchen cabinets will enhance the looks. They additionally add quality to your entire kitchen. Buying frameless cabinets will never put a dent in your wallet.