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Tips for kitchen Remodeling using Fabuwood Cabinet

Fabuwood cabinet are unique and stylish cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are high-end in terms of quality. These cabinets are highly versatile. Undoubtedly cabinets are adjustable as well as affordable.  Fabuwood is one solution for a luxurious and practical approach. Because of their amazing features, they fit well in all kitchens. The either traditional or contemporary kitchen looks great with this cabinetry.  Most homeowners and kitchen designers prefer fabuwood. Fabuwood is a well-known brand. You can easily get these cabinets from the cabinets makers. It is one of the most trustworthy brands.  Fabuwood produces high-quality cabinets. Regardless of kitchen overlays and design fabuwood cabinets enhance the overall look. As far as the brand’s catalogue is concerned, you can find 7 types of kitchen cabinets.

Fabuwood cabinets origin 

Fabuwood is imported from China. However fabuwood headquarters are mainly in New Jersey.   Two main goals of the fabuwood brand include the production of Affordable and high-quality cabinet’s. Contrary to originality their main purpose is also to protect the environment.  Everyone working with the fabuwood cares for the environment.

Fabuwood cabinets features 

Fabuwood Cabinets Features 

Fabuwood kitchen cabinetry has many distinct features. All of the desirable features demanded by the homeowners are available. All of the features are equally preferred. Some of the main specifications are:

  1. These cabinets are made by high-quality birch wood.
  2. Kitchen cabinets hold adjustable hinges.
  3. Fabuwood has Soft closure mechanism.

Besides all these features,  cabinets make the kitchen highly functional. These cabinets provide a flawless modern look. Fabuwood develops unquestionably a stylish look to your kitchen. Last but not least these cabinets are environmentally friendly. Don’t worry this is one of the best choices for your kitchen.

Fabuwood as an ultimate kitchen style 

Fabuwood Cabinets Features 

Fabuwood are the best kitchen cabinetry. They exist in every category. Cabinetry fits in all kitchen styles. Furthermore, you don’t have to get worried about the budget and taste. Fabuwood is professionally designed.  The brand uses high-quality lumber. It is not only durable but it is also affordable and functional. The kitchen cabinetry is flawless. Irrespective of your class and budget it never disappoints you. These cabinets are just selling like hot cupcakes.


Fabuwood provides the ultimate style to your cabinets. Branded kitchen cabinetry holds high-end quality with the best finishes. Cabinet’s constructions are also reliable. If you are tight on budget select these cabinets. Some affordable cabinets from fabuwood include 

  • Allure 
  • Classic 
  • Value Premium 
  • Quest 
  • Prima

All of these cabinets are highly affordable. Each type holds particular properties. Some of the properties that cabinets have are a beautiful array of finishes, cozy look, warmth, colors and styles. High-end cabinetry provides more storage space.  Without any fears now you can buy this kitchen cabinetry as the best option.

Fabuwood cabinets

There are many fabuwood cabinets types, some of them are given below.

  1. Discovery frost
  2. Fusion blanc
  3. Galaxy cobblestone
  4. Galaxy espresso
  5. The galaxy horizon
  6. Galaxy frost
  7. The galaxy linen
  8. Galaxy Nickle
  9. Hallmark frost
Discovery frost 

It is one of classy fabuwood kitchen style. Discovery frost style has 5 pieces on the front side. These cabinets are designed customarily. Discovery kitchen cabinets are the best options for the professional kitchen.  These cabinets fit in all kitchen types. Discovery frost is highly fragile. Discovery frost is highly ideal. Because of their crafting, they serve all purposes.

Galaxy cobblestone 

Galaxy CobbleStone is the best kitchen cabinet with the latest features. These cabinets provide a unique and clean look to your kitchen. Galaxy CobbleStone adds an advanced style. These cabinets are highly remarkable. Perfect plotting makes them a great choice.

Galaxy espresso 

Galaxy expresso is an incredible kitchen cabinetry choice. Perfect galaxy lines make them a great choice. Galaxy Espresso is made by highly professional craftsmen. This cabinetry range is perfect for busy kitchens. Galaxy Espresso is great for efficient cooking.

Galaxy frost 

It has soft and smooth finishes. In fabuwood collection, Galaxy frost cabinets hold a good place.  Sharp and deep edges provide a great look. For a clean and clear look opt this option.

Galaxy horizon 

Galaxy Horizon exists in a wide variety of colours. These cabinets work great in modern kitchens. Galaxy Horizon belongs to the allure collection. These cabinets’ wood quality is also perfect. Buy these cabinets today for a wonderful kitchen.

Galaxy linen 

Linen has great galaxy lines. These are costly cabinet collections. However, always look around and buy a perfect match.

Galaxy nickel 

Galaxy Nickel is an advanced choice for kitchen remodel. These cabinets add a unique style. Perfect lining and sharp cutting of these cabinets add warmth to your kitchen.

Hallmark frost 

Hallmark Frost is designed and crafted in a highly professional way. These cabinets provide great look and durability to kitchens. The advanced look and clean appearance make your kitchen worth working. Buy any one of the above-mentioned fabuwood cabinet. furthermore, it is remarkable. You will never regret buying it. It is a reliable brand with many years of value guarantee. 

Fabuwood cabinet quality 

Fabuwood fulfils all the national and international quality standards.  The brand Fabuwood exceptionally maintains its devotion towards high-end quality. It ensures Q12 standards. Certain properties ensure high quality is 

  • Cabinets are made of high-quality wood.
  • Kitchen cabinets are highly durable and resistant.
  • Pretty look. Highly affordable.  Meet all the quality standards and assessments.
  • A professional look that encourages the customer to buy this cabinetry. 

Brand strictly follows all the guidelines. Quality safety and maintenance are ensured at each level. Buy these kitchen cabinets from Columbus cabinet’s city Ohio.

Fabuwood Cabinets Reviews

Customers are highly satisfied with fabuwood. Honest customer reviews testify that kitchen cabinets are highly strong and sturdy. The brand shows durability and quality. These are highly affordable kitchen cabinets. There are myriads of designs available on the website. For any details and information, you can contact them.

Where to purchase fabuwood cabinets 

If you are living in the mighty Columbus area you can easily buy Columbus cabinets’ city Ohio. However, from New Jersey, you can buy from any shop.  All the shops will provide the same quality. You will have the same quality cabinets, regardless of the place.  You can buy cabinets from stores and online. Columbus cabinet’s city offers a wide range of colors and designs. You can easily get one that fits your taste.

Care and cleaning of fabuwood cabinet 

Care and cleaning are very important. Kitchen cabinets need regular cleaning. To maintain their shine, clean them frequently.

  1. Follow the following cleaning methods 
  2. Use a wood shiner for a good look.
  3. Take a damp cloth and rub gently on the cabinets. This will remove all dirt.
  4. Prepare a DIY solution using a detergent and water for weekly cleaning.
  5. Use some vinegar solution for removing grease spots.
  6. Use an ammonia solution to remove tough stains.

 Cabinets do not require any professional cleaning. Regular cleaning will maintain their look. Be careful about using concentrated acidic solutions. High concentrations will fade the colour of cabinets. 


There is not any other brand like fabuwood. Kitchen cabinets from fabuwood are remarkable in design. Advanced colours and styles add a unique flair to the kitchen.  Regardless of kitchen size, these cabinets fit well in every kitchen. These cabinets are highly versatile. It is a timeless brand.  These green cabinets look great in both conventional and contemporary kitchens. But these cabinets are from Columbus cabinets city Ohio. These latest cabinets are widely available in Dublin Ohio at discounted prices. Made your kitchen the best. 

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