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How to clean kitchen cabinets ?

How would your kitchen cabinets appear right after their instalment? It might surprise you that you can give a new look to your cabinets by removing and cleaning the muck residing on it. By removing the dirt and debris living on the interior and posterior of the cabinets will refresh their look. Kitchen cabinets are usually impervious to the spills, stains and scratches. Affordable kitchen cabinets are available in Dublin USA at Columbus cabinets. To maintain the real beauty and elegance of the wholesale kitchen cabinets always put some extra effort. Kitchen cabinets still need extra care and cleaning. Time to time deep cleaning of kitchen cabinets is a great idea.Care and cleaning of kitchen cabinets look and feel tedious and dreary. However, it is not like the one that you are assuming. If you are cleaning the kitchen cabinets at a regular interval before they become too messy, it is much easier and handy. You can get the affordable kitchen cabinets from the Columbus cabinet’s city.

In the below-mentioned post, you can read everything from wooden kitchen cabinets cleaning to all other materials. This will be very helpful if your kitchen cabinets have some resilient stains that are tough to wipe out that try to plan a new kitchen remodeling scheme. First and foremost step in the cleaning of kitchen cabinets is the proper planning. Planning is a time taking process, but once you finalize this, cleaning becomes very easy. Follow the below-mentioned steps and consider reordering and rearranging the kitchen cabinets to give a new look for having a pristine look for your kitchen at least deep clean your kitchen cabinets twice six months.

What is the right time for kitchen cabinets cleaning?

This is very important when you will clean your kitchen cabinetry. To save your time and energy, you can divide the cleaning into two steps.

1. Weekly cleaning 

Avoid applying the cleaning agent on the kitchen cabinets daily. Daily cleaning will have harmful effects. Try cleaning the cupboards after a week or decide a day in mid-week. You can use a multipurpose cleaner for this purpose. Keep in mind that you also have to disinfect the hardware. Weekly cleaning will solve half of your problems.

2. Seasonal cleaning 

Follow the deep cleaning strategy after the end and before the start of a new season. Use a damp cloth. Remove all the jars. Throw the expired material. Do proper labelling and rearrange again. This will help you to have an organised kitchen cabinetry all around the year. If you are looking for affordable cabinets visit the Columbus cabinets at your earliest. Follow the below mentioned necessary cleaning steps. You always need to follow these steps to have an appropriate kitchen cabinet cleaning.

Stains cleaning

wholesale Kitchen cabinets may encounter several kinds of stains. Most common colours include finger impressions, grease, food splashes and liquid spills. Given below is a complete guide on how you can clean all these stains.

  1.  For removing the finger impressions or the oily fingerprints from the kitchen cabinets, prepare a vinegar solution with water and apply it directly on the cabinets. Apply the solution by using a cloth. This will be the best cleaning solution to remove fingerprints on the cabinets.
  2. For removing the greasy stains use the same mixture of vinegar and water. Make sure that solution is diluted. Apply several times in a week to get best results.
  3. For resilient spills try applying the paste of baking soda. This will help you a lot in removing the spill marks.
  4.  For reducing the water, stains try using the distilled water with good quality. Tap water stains are not easy to remove.

Basic kitchen cabinets cleaning

1. Decide the cleaner

Shops are full of cleaning brands and cabinet cleaners.  From such a comprehensive collection of cleansers, it is imperative to consider the one from available options. But before buying an expensive cleaner from the market, try using the daily use of household cleaning products. Everyday domestic use items such as a dish washing liquid, mild vinegar solution, and baking soda can also be used as the natural cleaning agents. Natural products have no punitive effect on kitchen cabinets. You can get the wholesale kitchen cabinets in Ohio very easily. However, the cleaning agent must be following your latest kitchen cabinets material if the cabinets are made up of some special kind of wood then try finding a product that will be the most suitable and beneficial for the kitchen cabinets. Keep in mind that you are not supposed to apply the cleaning product directly on the whole cabinet. Always perform a spot test on the hidden spots to figure out the harsh adverse effects on the cabinet’s material.

2. Decide the cleaning equipment

You may have many choices for cleaning supplies. Try considering the one that works best for you. Find out some easy to use cleaning pieces of equipment. Necessary cleaning is effortless and can be done by using a cleaning agent, a toothbrush and some old piece of cloth. Sponges and rags will also work. You can also use some fair quality scrubber for best kitchen cabinets cleaning but for this, you should be aware of the cabinets’ material strength. Before applying cleaning agents wear some excellent quality gloves to avoid any itching and irritation on the skin.

3. Clean the cabinets

After you have decided the cleaner and cleaning equipment now, it’s time to clean the cabinets.  Start the cleaning process with a clear and clean shelve. Take out all the material and items of the kitchen cabinets and place them on a shelf or table nearby. Throw all the unnecessary empty boxes or everything that is expired.  Pour the things in the plastic containers into jars with a proper label. Develop the habit of labelling the jars; it will be much helpful in easy cleaning next time. Please spare some time to make a list of those items that you have tossed. It will aid you a lot in a healthy grocery shopping next time.

4. Interior wipe out  

For interior cabinets cleaning, prepare a mild solution by using a good quality cleaner or dish wash liquid. For good results always take two portions off the water and one portion of detergent.  Please put it in a spray bottle and sprinkle the solution in the kitchen cabinets interior. After this, use a cloth or a sponge to wipe out all the grime and debris. Don’t use strong detergent in a high amount, particularly on the inside of the cabinets. Too much moisture in the cabinets is not adequate. To manage a small amount of solution.

5. Spots removal

Kitchen cabinets usually develop spots and stains that are inexorable.  Mild solutions are not capable of dealing with the sticky masses. For such stains try using the robust solutions that are highly capable of removing the stains.  For example, if you have some wooden kitchen cabinets, you can use a mixture of baking soda with some coconut oil. This solution is very much helpful in dealing with dirt and grease. To remove the stains from the painted cabinets, you can use the vinegar solution. Try to apply the solution gently so that there will be no scratch on the cabinets later on.

6. Exterior wipe out

Use the already prepared cleaning solution and spray it on the exterior of the kitchen cabinets.  Wipe out the surface by using a cloth or a sponge.  Don’t put a lot of pressure. On sticky spots and dirty areas try applying pressure by palm. Wash the sides of the cabinets that are relatively on the next side of the refrigerator.  Don’t forget to remove the dirty spots on the edges of the cabinets.

7. Clean the hardware’s

Throughout the day or from dawn to dusk, you open the kitchen cabinets multiple times a day.  Cabinets handle most of the dirt. Greasy hands may damage the cabinet’s beauty.  Clean the handles by applying some potent cleaning agents with the help of a toothbrush so that all the grease went away. Always read the label on the cleaner if it is not suitable for hardware don’t use it.

8. Final step

Once the cleaning process is don’t from all the sides now take a damp cloth and wipe out once again from all the sides. Make sure that there is no leftover spot or muck residue. A wet cloth will absorb all the dirt and remove the stains if there is any by chance. Use a clean cloth for final cleaning. The dirty material will affect the cabinets, and you will end up with scratches on the cabinet’s wall.

9. Let the cabinets dry

After final wipe out by using a damp cloth now keep the cabinets open for at least 10-20 minutes. This will prevent the growth of all kinds of mold and rust in the corners.  If the shelves are adjustable, you can also place them in the sunlight for a short time so that they can dry quickly.  Keep the doors open to dry them more rapidly.

10. Organize the kitchen cabinets

The next step that comes right after the cleaning of kitchen cabinets is the organization of goods in it again.  This is one of the best times to rearrange the cabinets and place everything in a new and most appropriate pattern. Clean the jars from the outside so that no dirt remains.  You can follow the new arrangement if you are not convenient with the previous one. This is one of the best times.

Essential Tips and Tricks For Prolong Cleaning 

Always clean the kitchen cabinets once a week. By using a dry cloth, remove all the dirt and debris. Follow this routine at least twice a week or if you have time, try it daily. Affordable kitchen cabinets from the Columbus cabinets are very easy to clean.

  • This will minimise the need for a deep cleaning now and then.
  • Clean the spills and stains immediately. Don’t let them dry. You can remove the spills by using a sponge as well as by a damp cloth if the collapse remains there for a more extended period than it becomes tough to remove those sticky stains.
  • Cabinets near a microwave oven are susceptible to get damaged by the extensive heat. This heat is unavoidable. Try removing the doors and cabinets while cleaning the cabinets that are on the sides or above the oven.
  • Excess of everything is terrible. Kitchen cabinets easily get damaged by wide-ranging moisture and high temperature. Try to use heat-producing appliances away from the kitchen cabinetry such as toasters and coffee makers to lessen the harmful and damaging effect.
  • Best kitchen cabinets can be cleaned by using these cleaning tips.

How to clean wood cabinets

Wood cabinets are the latest kitchen cabinets. It is not easy to determine the type of cleaning method that suits best to your wooden kitchen cabinets. Wooden cabinets come in a wide variety that has different seals. All of the seals require different cleaning methods however generally wood-based kitchen can be cleaned by using the following methods

  • You can use the oil-based soaps to clean and shine the kitchen cabinets. This will renew your cabinets look.
  • Always use a damp cloth for the latest kitchen cabinet Don’t use too much liquid solution otherwise the wood will get damaged.
  • Try to use the cloth bases on microfibers.
  • Keep in monitoring the cabinets that are near the microwave or the sink. Excess heat and moisture can damage the look of the cabinet. Continuous monitoring and time to time cleaning will enhance the lifetime of the cabinet.

Cabinets cleaning according to cabinet material 

 Kitchen cabinets cleaning is very easy. If you are following the useful tips and methods for best kitchen cabinets cleaning you will never experience dirty kitchen in the long run. In this post, you will come across the basic ideas for cabinets cleaning that you may not know before this. Latest kitchen cabinets cleaning guide will enable you to apply the cleaning techniques that are best suitable for your cabinet’s material. Easy to clean wholesale kitchen cabinets are available in Ohio.

  • For removing stains and grease spots from a painted cabinet use baking soda paste or the ammonia solution. Dab the site into the solution. Repeat the process once or twice a week; all the areas will get clean shortly.
  • For glass, cabinets try using a glass cleaner available in the market. Always clean the glass cabinets with much care and concern. Improper cleaning will drop scratches on the glass.
  • For laminated cabinets use the vinegar solution to get rid of stains and spots. Vinegar solution works well for the laminated material of kitchen cabinetry.

Conclusive remarks 

You don’t need giant machines and expensive cleaning agents to retain the original look of the cabinets. You need to tackle the stains wisely. To make your latest kitchen cabinets look pristine all around the year, you have to stay focused about the daily cleaning along with the annual and biannual cleaning. You can get the best affordable kitchen cabinets from the Columbus cabinet’s city. Cabinets are the central points for your kitchen and can also be declared as the most noticed essentially in your kitchen. Dirty cabinets will ruin the overall look of your kitchen. Daily routine finger impressions, food splashes and water stains are the basic felons. Colours get rough and tough over time. For a good cleaning experience, you must have a clear idea of what kind of cleaning technique will work best for you. But before using the cleaning approach, make sure that it is the right time for kitchen cleaning. If you are planning to buy the wholesale kitchen cabinets in Ohio for kitchen remodelling you can order from the Columbus cabinets city.