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Learn How to Effectively Clean Your Glass Kitchen Cabinets

How to Effectively Clean Your Glass Kitchen Cabinets in Columbus Ohio

Glass cabinets can make a kitchen look spacious, brighter and inviting. With some maintenance, the glass door cabinets will shine like new. This blog post contains simpler yet practical tips on cleaning glass cabinets.

Many homeowners prefer glass door cabinets. Several compelling reasons can make you inclined toward glass kitchen cabinets, including their flexibility, neatness, and beautiful visual appearance. These glass cabinets are perfect if you like to flaunt your expensive chinaware and glassware. Moreover, the good news is that they are much easier to clean.

Furthermore, you can go for frosted glass kitchen cabinets if you prefer to keep the privacy of your kitchenware. In either case, glass cabinets are a great choice. However, there is no way you can neglect its cleaning. So, here are some home remedies and tips on cleaning glass cabinets:

Materials that you require to clean glass cabinets:

  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Any commercial glass cleaner
  • Two Lint-free cloths
  • Spray bottle

For deep cleaning:

You know the drill for deep cleaning, right!

  • Empty the glass cabinets first.
  • Dust off the doors and shelves (especially if the cabinets are close to windows).
  • Use any glass cleaner or homemade solution for glass shelves.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to clean inside and outside the cabinets.
  • Do not use any ordinary dishwashing soap on glass cabinets.
  • Let the glass dry and put every item back.

For deep cleaning

Cleaning stained and greasy glass doors:

It’s much simpler to clean glass cabinet doors even if they get a lot of dust, oil, and food stains. First, regular cleaning is a must. Secondly, try the following home remedies and any glass cleaner. Let’s get started:

  • Use vinegar in warm water, and add some lemon juice.
  • Now mix the solution in a spray bottle.
  • Spray this homemade solution on the glass cabinets to break the layer of dust.
  • Wipe it off with a lint-free cloth.
  • Try baking soda in vinegar for oily stains.

Alternatively, you can use a commercial glass cleaner for greasy stains.

  • Spray the glass cleaner directly on the stains or the entire glass door.
  • Use two lint-free clothes to wipe the glass cabinets.
  • Damp one cloth in warm water to wipe the cleaner.
  • Use a second dry cloth to wipe again until the glass dries.
  • You can try this again to achieve a mirror-clean look.  
  • The same applies to cleaning frosted kitchen cabinets door.

Note: Beware of the cloth and cleaner you apply. A dirty and harsh fiber can create scratches and lines on the glass cabinets. Also, do not store heavy items on the top of the glass cases/shelves as they may break.

Final words:

The bottom line is that cleaning glass cabinets is straightforward. Warm water, vinegar and lemon juice are a traditional way to clean glass kitchen cabinets. Also, you can use any good glass cleaner to achieve the mirror shine. But, make sure you use lint-free cloths to wipe the glass doors and let them dry properly. Try these cleaning tips and say goodbye to dust, stains and greasy marks.

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