kitchen cabinetsReady To Assemble kitcehn cabinets Vs Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Ready To Assembled kitchen cabinets 

Term RTA stands for the ready to assemble . These kitchen cabinets are similar to the pre-assembled kitchen cabinets, and you may already have one in your home. The only difference between the two cabinets is that you may have to assemble the RTA kitchen cabinets on your own and the pre-assembled are already made kitchen cabinets. You have to place them in their original place.

Columbus cabinets’ city Ohio offers the best RTA kitchen cabinets at affordable prices. Columbus cabinets city knows the importance of their customers. This company provides you with the services to get your RTA kitchen cabinets readily assembled with some professional guidance and help.

RTA kitchen cabinets variety 

Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

In the previous year’s RTA kitchen cabinets come in a limited variety. You have only a little choice in terms of materials, size and quality.  Most of the time material choices are only thermofoil, melamine, and material density fibreboard. In terms of wood, they only come in a limited variety in the type of wood, size and associated hardware. However, wood veneer and exotic wood RTA kitchen cabinets are available today.

Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets is one of the cost-friendly kitchen cabinets options in the kitchen remodel. When you are on the specific budget, even a small chunk of money matters. Years ago, a general concept that dominated the public mind was choosing the RTA over pre-assembled kitchen cabinets as one of a cheap and inferior choice in the kitchen remodel.  

Fortunately, this concept does not get any favour among the public. Profitable brands offering quality cabinets is one of the main reasons behind the failure of this hype. Columbus cabinet’s city is one of the best wholesale brands for the RTA and pre-assembled kitchen cabinets. forever mark kitchen cabinets are also available. 

RTA VS PRE ASSEMBLED kitchen cabinets

There are a lot of similarities between the ready to assemble kitchen cabinets and pre-assembled kitchen cabinets.  Let’s look at each one by one. Whenever you are considering buying one of these, the main factors that urge you to buy are the cost and the availability of the cabinets.  

If you do not have enough time and you are in a hurry then choose the RTA kitchen cabinets. Because most of the time, these cabinets delivered quickly to your place, and they don’t demand any assembly at the spot.  

RTA kitchen cabinets have specific pros and cons. One of the main drawbacks is that you have to assemble on your own, and if you are not trained, then you may struggle a lot to learn or hire some professional with a relatively high amount.

 Quality of RTA 

Ready-to-assembled kitchen cabinets are getting more popularity in the kitchen remodelling market. You can easily find everything you want in ready assembled kitchen cabinets. 

You have a lot of varieties such as hardware’s, doors, drawers and much more. IN RTA kitchen cabinets you have many choices in quality of material, style, colours and designs. 

Cost of RTA 

Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are relatively less costly. RTA kitchen cabinets are somewhat less expensive because of the two main factors. One of the main factors is the minimization of assemblage cost. The factory does not assemble them, and you can do it on your own. 

RTA kitchen cabinets are relatively easy to ship. These are packed in easy packages. The shipping cost of RTA kitchen cabinets is highly affordable as compared to the pre-assembled kitchen cabinets. 

Installation of RTA kitchen cabinets

It’s not possible to ignore the fact that RTA kitchen cabinets are highly beneficial. The only thing that might worry you is the installation of these cabinets. Don’t worry. RTA kitchen cabinets are designed in such a way that the homeowners can easily install them. 

You can install them by following the instructions mentioned in the instruction guide. You don’t have to hire any professional except in extreme cases. It would help if you had some screwdrivers and greasy gum.  Just by this, you can quickly get the best kitchen to remodel. forever mark kitchen cabinets are very easy to install. 

Kitchen remodel mainly constitutes the replacement of kitchen cabinets. You are well aware of the fact that kitchen cabinetry is highly expensive and can exceed your budget as well.

Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets is the best option for the kitchen remodel. They are affordable and can be quickly owned without any monetary stress. This is the latest way to get a quick and great kitchen.  

Assembling RTA kitchen cabinets 

RTA kitchen cabinets are very easy to assemble. You don’t need any craftsmanship or any professional help to create them.  These are DIY to make kitchen cabinets.  

You need three to four tools maximum to assemble RTA kitchen cabinets. Primary instruments include drill machine, mallet and a screwdriver. 

Just follow the instructions mentioned on the guide, and you will get the kitchen cabinets in the natural form.  

Basic Factors Behind RTA Selection

RTA kitchen cabinets complications

RTA kitchen cabinets have many complications as well. You may have to suffer many difficulties while dealing with RTA kitchen cabinets.

  • Maybe some pieces are missing. Maybe you have some unsuitable cabinet pieces that are against your order.
  • Any mishandling while shipping. Maybe your order is replaced by someone else’s.

For this reason, always select trustworthy options.  If you are living in Columbus city, you can trust the Columbus cabinet’s city Ohio for quality and best affordable RTA kitchen cabinets.

Assembled kitchen cabinets 

Assembled kitchen cabinets

Assembled kitchen cabinets are getting popular and favoured by most of the homeowners. As the name indicates, these cabinets are already made, and no labour is required for their assembly as it is in the case of ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. The main factor behind their sale is the convenience of the customers and kitchen designers.These cabinets are relatively cost-friendly.

There are some of the features owned by the assembled kitchen cabinets.

  • Assembled kitchen cabinets are highly affordable. 
  • Assembled kitchen cabinets have a practical and functional approach in the kitchens.

These are two main reasons that they are selling like hotcakes. 

The idea of the assembled kitchen cabinets

Assemble kitchen cabinets are delivered to your place in their final arrangement. It is in the same position as it is available in the showroom. No separate hardware or other instrumentation is required for the assemblage. You don’t have to pay any installation cost separately.

Assembled kitchen cabinets properties

Realistic and ideal kitchen cabinets

Always go for the ideal and realistic option for your kitchen remodel. Decide the kitchen cabinets that will ideally fit in your kitchen. Fancy kitchen cabinets are merely decoration. Select the kitchen cabinets that are both functional and practical in purpose. Select the ideal cabinets that will provide maximum storage space. Suck kind of cabinets will make your kitchen as you are expecting.

Assembled kitchen cabinets style

Style selection for the assembled kitchen cabinets is significant. You have to select the style according to kitchen style and space. You have to decide that either you are interested in framed kitchen cabinets or frameless kitchen cabinets. Doors and drawers are also crucial while finalizing the complete overlay of assembled kitchen cabinets. You can get the stylish kitchen cabinets in  Columbus, Ohio, easily and readily.

Assembled kitchen cabinets cost 

Budget is the primary concern whenever homeowners plan for a kitchen remodel. Assembled kitchen cabinets are cost-friendly as compared to the customized and semi-custom kitchen cabinets. You can order them without crossing over your budget. Affordable kitchen cabinets are available in the Columbus cabinet’s city. 

Assembled kitchen cabinets quality

The second important factor they play a crucial role in selecting the assembled kitchen cabinets is the durability of these kitchen cabinets. Before finalizing the kitchen redesign, you have to determine the durability of kitchen chosen designs.

 Quality includes everything, material, style, design, colour, the hardware used along with the nature of the material. All these parameters are essential to determine before planning a kitchen remodel. You can get the best quality wholesale kitchen cabinets from Columbus cabinets’ city Ohio.


Ready to Assemble kitchen cabinets  Assembled kitchen cabinets 
Advantages  Disadvantages  Advantages  Disadvantages 
You can make them customized according to your choice.  You have to assemble it on your own. Already assembled  They are so bulky.
Low cost.  Requires more time and effort Ready to install as they arrive.  High cost 
They come in boxes. Hardware pieces can be missed while shipping. All the hardware is set.    Easily replaceable hardware
You have choices for materials and other options.  Mishandling. You may have to hire some professionals.  Minimum time.  Delivery time is very long.
Easy to assemble.  Needs professional assembling. No professional installation Cannot be customized.
Quick kitchen remodels strategy. mistakes usually occur. No chance for the mistake..  We have limited functional choices.



One of the most apparent differences between the two types is the price tag. Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets come under a more resonant price tag as compared to make or pre-assembled kitchen cabinets. However, the cost of both also varies with the type of material used in their construction. Kitchen remodel is a high budget investment. However, if you are planning for a kitchen remodel on a limited budget, visit Columbus cabinet’s city. Columbus cabinets’ city Ohio offers you all qualities of wholesale cabinets without pushing your account out of range.

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