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European Craft Kitchen cabinets are important constituents for kitchen remodelling. If you wish for a contemporary look European crafts cabinetry will work best for you.

European craft kitchen cabinets provide a glossy sophisticated look. Columbus cabinet’s city Ohio provides you with a wide range of kitchen cabinets. European craft Kitchen cabinets are high-end glossy kitchen cabinets. If you are looking for a decent look just opt for this option.

These kitchen cabinets are meant for an elegant look. European craft Kitchen cabinets work ideally for all kitchen types and styles. These kitchen cabinets are affordable as well

Most people don’t have an idea about these cabinets. Let’s go through this post

European style kitchen cabinets

European craft Kitchen cabinets

These kitchen cabinets  are just like a big thing in a small packet.  Latest European craft Kitchen cabinets have a wonderful look. Deeply stated lines and practical lines make these cabinets great for your kitchen.

Modern kitchen cabinets are great for your contemporary kitchen. Overlaying drawers and door fronts give seemingly endless beauty. European craft Kitchen cabinets have frameless construction that is further a plus point.

Latest cabinets are designed for less spacious homes. Most of the homes in Italy and Spain are not so wide. European designers pay their full efforts for creating great designs. These are the cabinets which ensure both quality and functionality.

Kitchen remodels in limited space are always tough. European craft Kitchen cabinets are meant for the latest kitchen to remodel. Stylish kitchen cabinets have a maximum storage space.

Some of the properties hold by European craft Kitchen cabinets are

  • These kitchen cabinets provide maximum storage space.
  • European craft Kitchen cabinets have no mouldings, no extra trims.
  • These kitchen cabinets have no raised panels.
  • European have craft Kitchen cabinets Smooth and sleek surface.
  • Concealed hinges give an elegant
  • European craft Kitchen cabinets have to streamline designs. Crafting is beautiful.
  • These kitchen cabinets have great high-end finishes.

European style kitchen cabinets material

European craft Kitchen cabinets designs

European craft Kitchen cabinets are made up of high quality. NO cheap material is used for construction. Latest European craft Kitchen cabinets are designed with durable materials.

These kitchen cabinets are tough and sturdy. Most of the time construction material is plywood.  Best European craft Kitchen cabinets have high-quality finishes.

Cabinet’s doors are designed by using medium density fibres. Medium-density fibres can bear heavy wear and tear. Kitchen is the most practical place in your home. Your kitchen is equally important as other rooms.

Kitchens in busy families receive bumps and tears on a daily basis.These  are the best options. Latest European Kitchen cabinets are designed for rough usage.

European Craft kitchen cabinets construction

European craft Kitchen cabinets

There are two main construction methods for kitchen cabinets. One type includes frames and other is frameless. In the case of framed cabinets, there is a strong frame that surrounds the doors. Doors are connected with strong frames.

Frame holds all the parts together. In the case of European style kitchen cabinets, there is no particular frame.All the parts of these kitchen cabinets are free. Doors are attached directly.

European style kitchen cabinets provide an excellent look to your kitchen. Perfect in style and their amazing functionality has made these cabinets highly adopted. Most of the homeowners and kitchen designers prefer European style kitchen cabinets.

Finishes of European Craft kitchen cabinets

European craft Kitchen cabinets are available in different finishes material. Finishes include thermofoil, melamine and lacquer paint.

Thermofoil finishes

It is a great choice for cabinets’ is quite hard in touch. Thermofoil can deal with tough wearing. This kitchen finish mainly involves plastic and vinyl. Heat is applied.

Kitchen cabinets with thermofoil need low care and maintenance. No protective coating is required. Thermofoil is highly moisture resistant as well as heat resistant. This is an ideal choice for high traffic kitchens. Thermofoil kitchen cabinets add an ideal look to your home.

Melamine finishes

Melamine belongs to melamine class. Kitchen cabinets with melamine finishes exist in a wide range. Variety in wood and grains are available. Just like thermofoil melamine is also heat resistant. Melamine’s Scratch resistance is also great. This is a waterproof kitchen cabinetry coating.

Melamine is only a single layer coating. Modern kitchen cabinetry involves this finish up to a great extent. Layers and layers of a paper bind with melamine with the help of resins. Melamine kitchen cabinets provide an ideal and elegant look. Modern style kitchens look wonderful with melamine finishes.

Lacquer paint finishes

Lacquer paint kitchen cabinets provide a glossy look to the kitchen. This is one of the best reflective finishes that will enhance the elegance. The lacquer paint finish is a great way for the modern kitchen.

As compared to the others  this finish is colourless. The lacquer finish is considered as the best finish for European kitchen style. Under high temperature, lacquer paint develops its complete look. It is high quality and has a perfect finish.

Types of European Craft kitchen cabinets

At Columbus cabinet’s city Ohio, you have many options .  Some of the types include

  • Classic shaker white
  • Mountain grey
  • Mountain white
  • The Shaker white
  • Shaker grey
  • The Shaker espresso

Reasons for choosing the European Craft cabinets 

There are a lot of kitchen cabinets. European craft kitchen cabinets style is one of the best choices for your kitchen remodel.  You can European craft kitchen cabinets from Columbus cabinets’ city Ohio.

1. High storage space

One of the main reason for selecting European craft cabinets is storage. European craft cabinets have high storage capacity because of no frame. Entrance points are connected  to dividers.

Every part is closely related. There are no sharp edges.They have no interior designs. This highly increases the efficiency of kitchen cabinets. More storage capacity makes these cabinets highly versatile.

2. Great quality

These kitchen cabinets are  of high-quality material. Always select cabinet material wisely. Additionaly, these kitchens are not a DIY repair. Professionals hiring is important to deal with minor flaws. High-quality cabinets are long term as well as highly efficient.

3. Unique design

European craft cabinets are amazing aesthetically. Additionally, the latest European craft cabinets exist in a wide diversity. Consistent style, unique design and attractive appearance are unique features of European craft cabinets.

besides these, you can select any type from Columbus cabinet’s city. To add contemporary touch buy these kitchen cabinets. Highly preferred due to amazing characteristics.


Last but not least European style kitchen cabinets add a unique look to every kitchen style. Kitchen cabinets add an amazing flair. These frameless cabinets are a perfect choice for a busy kitchen. RTA European craft cabinetry is a great way to kitchen renovation. Affordable European craft cabinets at discounted prices are available at Columbus cabinet’s city.

Frequently asked questions

 1. What are European style cabinets?

These cabinets are just like a big thing in a small packet. European craft Kitchen cabinets Latest European craft Kitchen cabinets have a wonderful look. Deeply stated lines and practical lines make these cabinets great for your kitchen.

2. What kind of material is present in the construction of European style kitchen cabinets?

European style kitchen cabinets are made of Material density fibre board.However high-quality plywood is also good choice.Thermofoil, laminate, and melamine finishes are usually present.


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