All About Columbus Kitchen Countertops

Why the kitchen countertops?

kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops are the immediate ways to remodel your kitchen. Regardless of the cost both the affordable and expensive kitchen countertops add a luxurious look. They add elegance and beauty to the kitchen. Kitchen countertops have many other benefits just beyond adding beauty.

Benefits of kitchen countertops

Some of the major benefits for adding kitchen countertops are given below

Kitchen countertops

  • Kitchen countertops add beauty to your kitchen.
  • Countertops enhance resale value.
  • Kitchen counter adds aesthetics to all kitchen styles.
  • Countertops enhance the durability of kitchens.

Wooden or butcher block countertops

wooden kitchen countertops

Butcher block countertops are highly unique. Wood is the best countertop material. These beautiful countertops give an amazing look to all kitchens. Butcher blocks exist in a wide variety of colours and finishes. Maple and oak are usually used for butcher blocks construction. You can easily get these kitchen countertops from Columbus cabinet’s city Ohio.

Advantages Disadvantages
Butcher blocks are very easy to clean. Pretty expensive material.
These countertops must have properly cared. These countertops can be easily scratched.
Long-lasting. Nonresistant to stains.
Can be easily resealed on the damage. These countertops are prone to bacterial attack.
 Gives a charming look to the kitchen. Wood is easily cracked.

Stainless steel countertops

stainless steel countertops

Stainless steel countertops are a good choice for contemporary homes. These countertops are durable. Stainless steel is stain-resistant material. Countertops made of stainless steel are an excellent choice. These countertops are designed with great specifications.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Not get damaged by heat. These countertops produce noise.
A great choice for contemporary kitchens. Highly expensive.
Easy cleaning. Professional installation is required.
Premium quality countertops. Construction is also highly expensive.

Concrete countertops

concrete countertop

Concrete is a good choice for kitchen countertops. It is a unique material. Concrete countertops work best for busy kitchens. These countertops are quite heavy so they deliver in original casted forms. Slabs are highly polished. Concrete used in sidewalks is different from countertops.

Concrete slabs are often stained to produce good colours. However, concrete is easily cracked. With the latest procedures cracking tendency is usually decreased. The high porosity of concrete is reduced by adding some additive materials and substitutes. Concrete kitchen countertops are available in the discounted price at Columbus cabinet’s city.

Advantages Disadvantages
Concrete slabs are coloured. Professionals are required for installation.
These are resistant to heat and scratching. Slabs get cracked with time.
Highly sophisticated look The high cost is required.
Decorated textures. High porosity can cause problems.
Affordable choice.  Unfavourable Industrial appearance.

Laminates countertops

laminate countertop

Laminate kitchen countertops are made with a great technique. It is made of plastic that is coated with the synthetics. common Laminate countertops are very easy to clean. Kitchen countertops made of laminate have properties of material density fiberboard.

Laminate countertops exist in a wide variety. Various colour choices and finishes are available. Regardless of kitchen overlay, they work well. Laminate kitchen countertop provides an amazing look to the kitchen.

Laminates are getting popular day by day. These kitchen cabinets are highly affordable. Even though they are not premium quality, laminates are selling like hotcakes. Black kitchen countertops add a unique look to your kitchen.

In addition to the popularity of material, there are many colour and style choices as well. Contrary to other materials these are a good choice. These kitchen cabinets are good options for retro kitchens. Because of many styles and designs people are buying laminate countertops frequently.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of laminate kitchen countertops

Advantages Disadvantages
Laminates are easy to maintain. Laminate kitchen countertops always seem visible.
Myriads of options in style and colours are present. Just considered as average.
No professional installation is required. Fairly difficult cleaning.
Quite expensive. Requires regular maintenance.
Best for all kitchen types. Repairing is expensive. Prone to get damage easily.

Ceramic countertops

ceramic countertops

Ceramic countertops are durable. Kitchen countertops made of ceramic are highly versatile. The counter is easy to clean. These kitchen countertops are affordable. Less expensive than the natural stone such as quartz. concequently, With continuous development ceramic tiles also exist in a wide variety. Wide variety of designs and colours are easily available. Ceramic offers many styles as compared to other materials.

Advantages Disadvantages
Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and care. Custom countertops are expensive.
Highly affordable. Ceramic is brittle.
You can easily do construction by yourself. Easily prone to cracking.
They are not damaged by heat. Develops tough stains that are not easy to clean.
Wide variety of colours, styles and designs are available. Not prestigious as natural stones.


Solid-Surface countertops

Solid surface countertops

Solid-surface material for kitchen countertops come under various brands. This material is made up of acrylic and associated substitutes.

These kitchen countertops are popular these days. They have been in use for the last 50 years. If affordability is your primary concern choose these kitchen countertops. If you are looking for DIY countertops this is a good option.

These are similar to natural stone. The solid surface material was once considered to be premium material but now it has not much importance, it is now not more than a mid-tier. This is an affordable choice.

These kitchen countertops work well in less busy kitchens. The large and spacious kitchen looks great with these countertops. However, granite and quartz is an expensive choice to cover a large space. Consider the type of kitchen before considering countertops material. Buy the one that fits the best.

Advantages Disadvantages
An excellent choice. These countertops come with a deeper price tag.
Does not develop stains. Easily get damaged by heat.
The Damage is recovered easily. Susceptible to moisture.
Many colours, styles and patterns are available. Not suitable for all kitchens.
Integrated options are available. Cannot bear heavy wear and tear.

Granite countertops

Granite countertops

Black Granite is a good choice for countertops material. Colored Granite was used over a long period. It is a wonderful material. Kitchen countertops enhance the elegance. Granite adds beauty and worth regardless of kitchen style.

Nodoubt, kitchen countertops flavoured by granite stone give a unique look. Kitchen resale value is  increased. Columbus cabinets Ohio offers you the latest colours and styles.  White granite is a wonderful option for kitchen countertops.

Despite the fact, Granite is a costly material and cannot be afforded by everyone it is still preferred. Moreover, this material is a worthwhile investment in having a great kitchen.

Advantages Disadvantages
Granite countertops are resistant to heat damage. Highly expensive material.
 Highly durable and equally strong. Professional installation is required.
Increase the resale value of the home.  Granite slabs are not highly perfect. You can find imperfections.
Plenty of colours, styles and patterns are available. Easily cut by the knife. Don’t cut over granite slabs.
No extensive maintenance is required. Porosity is very high.  Can hold stains.

Soapstone countertops

soap stone countertops

Kitchen countertops and cabinets are important in kitchen renovation. Soapstone is a good choice for kitchen countertops. Smooth and silk feel this material have great properties.

Soapstone is usually grey to light grey. Soapstone kitchen countertops are considered as a great alternative to granite.

Contrary to kitchen style soapstone works best in traditional homes. However, it’s still in use as a sink material in modern homes as well. Soapstone patina develops over time. This pattern gives an attractive look to all kitchens.

Reality is different from expectations. No doubt it is good material but it’s quite hard as well. Soapstone is not a unique choice. It is easily breakable. This is not a good choice for long-term use.

Columbus cabinet’s city Ohio offers you the best kitchen cabinets.

Advantages Disadvantages
Soapstone has deep rich colours. Prone to get dark over time.
Stain-resistant to a lower extent. You cannot install countertops yourself.
Heat resistant.  for maintenance mineral oil is required.
Damage can be repaired.  easily get scratch.
Add a historic look and traditional look to kitchens. Dents are frequent.
It is highly affordable. Unable to give a unique look.

Marble countertops

marble countertops

Natural stones for kitchen countertops exist in a wide addition to granite and soapstone marble is also used for the same purpose. Marble countertops are unique and provide seemingly endless beauty. Contrary to being beautiful it is amazing. All the sheets are different from each other.

Marble countertops come with a deeper price tag. Kitchen countertops made of marble are mainly  in a professional kitchen. Everyone cannot afford this material. Despite all the facts, it is great for kitchen islands.

Marble is highly durable. It does develop stains easily. Marble countertops are highly resistant against scratching. Affordable marble countertops are available at Columbus cabinets.

Advantages Disadvantages
Marble countertops are impervious to heat. Highly expensive.
These kitchen countertops have resistance to moisture attack. High professional installation.
Marble countertops enhance the value of the home. Once scratched it easily gets damaged.
Exceptionally great. Porosity is difficult to deal with.
Highly unique veining and patterns. Easily develop stains.

Quartz countertops


Quartz is also known as engineered stone.Quartz kitchen countertops are 93% quartz-based particles.  The remaining percentage is other minerals. This material is very easy to deal with.

Quartz exists in the form of long slabs. Quartz is undoubtedly a better choice. Irrespective of the kitchen overlay it is a perfect choice for all kitchen styles. Latest Quartz kitchen countertops area is widely available in Columbus cabinet’s city.

There are many choices in terms of style and design. You can easily select any suitable pattern. Be aware of the mimics. Unlike other natural stone engineered stone requires no sealing.

Advantages Disadvantages
No professional installation is required. Highly expensive.
Easily maintained. No extra care. Heavy countertops.
No imperfections.  Not easy to maintain and clean.
Easily transformed in any shape.  Slabs Cutting is not easy.
Highly impervious to heat and stains. Antique to some extent.


There are numerous kitchen countertops material options. All material and details mentioned above in the post are great options. You can remodel the kitchen with any type that suits your personality. Quartz, granite, marble and other options work well.

All countertop materials have certain advantages and disadvantages. Read the post above for further information. Visit Columbus cabinet’s city Ohio for buying the best kitchen countertops.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best material for kitchen countertops?

Quartz, granite and marble are the best options for kitchen countertops. However, soapstone, solid surface material, concrete and other materials can also be used.

2. Can I use a combination of two different materials?

Yes, you can use different combinations. If you are looking for some affordable options you can mix granite with soapstone. You can mix natural stones with some synthetic ones. This combination works best for your kitchen remodel.