Stunning Ways You Can Add White Oak Kitchen Cabinets In Your Kitchen

Are you tired of seeing the white kitchen trend everywhere and want something new? Adding white oak kitchen cabinets is the perfect trend to get obsessed with. Let’s be honest, an all-white kitchen with white wash kitchen cabinets has been a hit for years. And the look is beautiful but no one talks about how […]

A Guide To Cabinet Terminology – Columbus Cabinets City

Whether you are remodeling or building from scratch, it is better to be familiar with some basic cabinet-related terms. In general, there is a list of cabinet words and phrases (terminology) that will help you clear your mind while selecting the cabinet details. This knowledge will surely help you create a perfect kitchen design. We […]

How to clean base cabinets inside & out?

Well, who likes cleaning? Not me! But, cabinets are the source of true hygiene, storage solution, and kitchen space organization. So, cleaning is a must whether you like it or not! Generally, we focus on cleaning the wall cabinets as we use them most of the time. But do you realize that your base cabinets […]